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User Generated Wattpad Returns to App World

watt3.pngWe have mentioned Wattpad before on BerryReview as a free application that allows for user generated content and eBooks to be read on your BlackBerry. The app is pretty cool but I still use MobiPocket. RIM yanked Wattpad from the App World 2 days after it launched due to the fact that users might upload copyrighted works which you could read from the application. Turns out that RIM found that Wattpad is not doing anything wrong and re-instated it in the App World.

Its interesting to see how RIM is policing the App World. First it rejected applications that have Berry or BB in the name or any other derivative. Now it looks like they will be yanking applications and asking questions later. At least they did the right thing and reinstated the application.

If you are interested in Wattpad you can pick it up at

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  1. I feel RIM is taking this IP protection thing too far. Restrict an app because it identifies with its name that it is for a BlackBerry smartphone? Foot…meet bullet.

  2. What can save RIM not doing what Apple is famous for: Closed Environment. You have to jail break an iPhone just to use the video camera. You get apps only from their App Store. You can’t replace the battery yourself, etc…. At least with RIM many free Java apps work great, and you have a whole line of hardware accessories to choose from. RIM needs to keep this distinction from Apple to thrive in the marketplace.

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