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This is your second notice that your factory warranty is about to expire… I Hate Spam!

angryteenager About once a week I get a call or voicemail about my cars factory warranty expiring. Funny thing is that I live in Manhattan and don’t own a car! Turns out that I am not the only one getting these SPAM phone calls on my cell and house line. I thought I was the only one until I read this little bit on Reddit. It looks like this company National Auto Warranty Services, Inc has been spamming people since early 2008. They have been sued multiple times by carriers such as AT&T and Verizon by making over 2 MILLION ILLEGAL telemarketing calls. F*ing [email protected]!

Nevesis over at Reddit is offering a couple places to file complaints against National Auto Warranty Services. I have already filed mine and I hope you will to if you have also been receiving these calls. I just cant believe this has been going on for over a year and they are still going full steam ahead.

via Boing Boing via Gizmodo

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  1. A couple times a week I get the calls. McAfee (or my provider spam filters) kills their emails easily so I don’t see them and they always call from either an 800 number or a blocked number (neither of which I ever answer), but the annoying part is the snail mail “urgent notice” letters and they are starting to hit my fax machine now.

  2. I haven’t had them call my cell yet, but I’m sure it will be soon as them do call my house once a week. That’s just eeks me. Now I get mail send to me from this bull [email protected] company.

  3. I hate those bastards they call me all the time

  4. I’m glad you mentioned this. The first few times I got these voice-mails I thought it was legit. Didn’t take me long, but at least now I know I was not alone.

    What truly shocks me is that still sometimes Yahoo sends all the way through to my BlackBerry spam e-mails like: Prince Umbecki of Nigeria has died and I the lowly bank clerk want to share a hidden bank account with you if you can give your bank account info and dog’s name. Kills me every time.

  5. I get tht call like 3times a week, here a number they call from but u cant call them back 256-659-6931

  6. Times are tough and I worked for the telemarketing portion of this company. They have two call centers one is in california the other is in woodstock ga. The whole thing is a giant scam they are spoofing the numbers the are calling from if you purchase the warranty the send you an oil bottle full of dye to pour in your vehicle. The first person you talk to is just a prescreener at a call center mentioned earlier they are just there to see if you are interested they did not place the call. There are over 100 companys doing this type of calling. They pay well and convince their employees that its legal. If you want the whole low down such as address and real phone numbers email me at [email protected]

  7. Since I received 2 more calls today on my Storm, I will have to assume that Verizon
    Didn’t stop them. I hate these telespammers even
    Ore than I hate verizon (and that is saying something

  8. Ill be more than happy to give you their cell numbers if you like

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