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Bold OS Found Online

Walter let me know that our buddies over at spotted OS for the Bold on the web. No word back yet on if it is better than recent builds but hopefully we will find out soon enough.

Download @ RapidShare

Let us know what you find in the new OS versions in the comments below. Keep the tips coming!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. file size only 102284 KB?

    definitely a bad one no need to test. From what i noticed from the past updates, a good update usually have a file size of i think around 115000 kb and above. Below that then there’s always something wrong, something missing.

    stay away!!!

    • This is the most stable OS I have used

      It is much snappier than .247 Loads quickly and without problems

      All the apps I use run fine
      gmail/gsync/viigo/twitterberry/google search

      Web browser seems fine

      BIS connection is stable, .247 did drop out out BIS on 3g quite a bit

    • The size for the East Asia version has always been around 97 MB, only the All Language versions have been 111-112 MB. What I do find impressive though is the fact that the platform version jumped from 206 to 223, sounds like huge changes to me but I may be wrong… 🙂

    • andy: thanks for filling my quota for someone saying something stupid today. cheers.

      downloading now 🙂

    • I’ve been running .266 for almost four hours: this is what I’ve observed:
      (1) The install goes smoothly and without any errors; it does not seem to be particulary longer than any other upgrades.
      (2) All apps worked; it was necessary to re-register a few of them.
      (3) Memory control is significantly improved. After a battey out reboot I have almost 41mb; formerly I was lucky to have 28mb.
      (4) Speed is noticeably improved. It appears to be about 9% or 10% faster. This is a “gut” estimate, not a formal measurement.

      As for Andy’s advice, I’ll leave that to others.

      IMNSOH, it’s an excellent and worthwhile upgrade.


  2. So Andy, we can forget about all software metrics… throw them right out the window, because according to you, “a good update usually have a file size of i think around 115000 kb and above.”

    So “definitely a bad one no need to test. ”

    Sheer genius. I’ll recommend all the universities change their software courses right now!

  3. I’ve installed it. Seems fine and stable. Not noticing too much different from the .247 release. Haven’t had a single problem yet

  4. I have never heard anything so stupid. Andy why do you waste our time with you non-sense remarks.

  5. Faster than .247. Fastest version yet.

  6. Give the guy a go, . 😉

    I thought thats how windows works, write a exe about 1 meg and add 100meg of dll’s and associated junk.
    Just for those that are new < 20 Years programming.
    Just pulled an old spreadsheet I wrote in late 70’s it was 8k, did a bit of converting and turned it into a 45MB installation file.

  7. work perfectly for me

  8. Works without issues. Browser is faster and memory is better.

  9. Anyone noticed that their red LED message waiting indicator is constantly flashing even when all msgs are cleared?
    This started happening on this OS for me.

  10. I have a problem after this! All my data couldnt be restored. I try to manually restore but Desktop give me an error msg. HELP!?

  11. is this version can run windows live messenger? i got but can’t get a chat,… but i can sign up,. weird,.. anyone help plz,…

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