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Free Indigo Theme from eVeek!


I gotta admit I did not get the whole ‘Twitter’ craze that was happening until recently, when I finally decided to join up. Now, I’m lovin it! It was thanks to me following eVeek/Elecite on Twitter, after all, that gave me the heads up they came out with a new and FREE theme: Indigo. All I can say is… GORGEOUS! Available for the 8900, 9000 and 9500, Indigo has a neat rotary icon dial with some cool battery/signal indicators. I haven’t actually gotten to download this theme just yet, but I’ll be doing so very soon. Indigo is free at eVeek. Just log in and visit the forums to find the link for your device.

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  1. Free…Then why do you have to log in!! Yet another web site to get your email…no thanks.

    • why not use a disposable email address. Many email clients let you create these

    • We have heard this complaint before and after thinking about it, I’m not sure why. I personally subscribe to the majority of theme sites and have never received one unsolicited email from any of them. I’m not sure what their reasoning is for having people register on their sites…but for me it’s a small price to pay to get some of these cool themes for free. That said, one can always have a generic email (hotmail, etc) that they use to sign up to these sites and then just forward the link to your device email. However, if the theme isn’t that important for you to get, no need to bother.

    • Its to keep the site clean you would be surprise how much spam a site can get.
      One of the major reasons but there others.

    • It is annoying because instead of just clicking a link and downloading, we have to:

      – create fake email (optional);
      – click “Register” instead of “download”;
      – fill in the form;
      – submit the form (counts as additional step since I am comparing all this with ONE single action: clicking a download link);
      – fill in and submit the form AGAIN in case your first choice of nickname was already taken (doesn’t happen every time);
      – wait for the confirmation email;
      – check your mailbox (and download every mail that’s there even if you weren’t planning to do that now);
      – click the confirmation link;
      – despite having clicked the confirmation link, you’re still required to login;
      – what was the specific theme download page again? Ah yes, here it is.
      Load that page;
      – FINALLY, ay long last, click to download. Whew!

      Like we say in Linux, it’s free if your time isn’t worth anything.

      If you ever want another theme from that site, you’ll have to go through the whole process again or at least remember or keep notes of that site’s login, which is probably what the site wants all along: create an ARTIFICIAL membership/relationship. No, you didn’t become a member because you appreciate the site, you did because you were required. Not convenient and not elegant.

      Or maybe they want to stop robots from downloading themes and thus save bandwidth, but there are much more intelligent ways to do that, like restricting/throttling down according to IP number. Uploading free themes to free file sharing sites is also an alternative.

      This issue doesn’t have anything to do with spam. Visitors don’t want to send email to those sites, they just want to click a link and download. Requiring registration or not has absolutely no effect on how much spam the site gets.

      Just look at the Berry Review Software directory. No questions asked, you just find what you like, click it and take it home. Too bad we can’t do the same in the Themes directory, because we don’t host them. Even for commenting here, you may want to register to have “an identity” in case you post often, but anonymous posts are allowed. That’s as free and unencumbered as can be. Ronen rules.

      • It’s funny cause by the time u finished writing that comment, I registered at 3 different sites, downloaded the themes I liked, told my friends about them and actually did something nice for the ppl that gave them away free of charge in the first place 🙂

  2. no love for 83xx???

  3. Its ok. Not my type of theme. Thanks though.

  4. downloading it now, thanks for the free theme :]

  5. The theme looks nice, but I don’t want to register at yet another site. I’m just wanting a simple link and agree with Luciano.

  6. I do not agree with Luciano at all. Guys..need to appreciate some one who is taking time to make something and providing for Free. There are many reasons why webmasters need the email registrations .Skipping those so called “intelligent ways”..
    Have one dummy email created ..and use it..there is always forget password link on all the registration pages…

  7. downloading it now, thanks for the free theme.

  8. thanx

  9. ibeg someone tell me how this is to be downloaded to the phone??????
    I’ve registered and all that but why is it sooo complicated?
    Can someone please explain. Thankyou.

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