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BBFileScout Version 0.6: Better Search Features

BBFileScout is one great free application, and it’s updated so often it’s almost getting boring. And the change log is quite an example to most of the other BlackBerry applications. This time, it has better search capabilities and a few other minor improvements. Actually, version 0.6 brought the better search capabilities a few days ago. But version 0.6.1 was released today.

001_InitialScreenWithDeviceRoots 002_OptionScreenWithACustonExtention 003_PicturesWithDRM

As a reminder, BBFileScout is a free, donation-ware application where the developer asks that you donate as much as you feel the application is worth, at this link. You can download it OTA here.

If you don’t know BBFileScout, you are missing a lot. It is very feature rich and helps a lot in many small things that we need to do in our smartphones every once in a while.

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  1. Yo, donate to this dude! I did. This app keeps getting better and already tops all traditional commercial offerings.

  2. BBFileScout 0.6.1 is also released. This app is very handy and very efficient. I mean there are other FileExplorer which we have to buy but this app comes for free and with more functionality.

    Donation will help the developer. So please donate !!

  3. He really needs to update like once a week or every other week. Trying to keep up on an almost daily basis is a pain.

    • To update or not to update is your choice. I think he is doing really a good job of fixing the bugs whenever he finds them and keep on introducing new features. You can just update it once a week.


    As a professional webmaster, I advocate and adhere to the legal use of software. So I was surprised to see this application use Open Source/Creative Commons components in violation of their licenses. Although the author of BBFileScout requests that you donate what’s “fair”, he uses these items illegally. As one of many examples, check this link for the illegal use of his application icon:

    We all expect to be fairly compensated for our labor, so please don’t reward the theft of other’s work by donating/paying the author of BBFileScout.

    • my apologize – that’s all I can say right now – it’s not an excuse, but the website where I found the icons said, that the icons are free to use (none commercial) – today I had to realize, that this was a false information and I was too stupid simply to believe what I have read at the page where I downloaded the icons – I instantly will change BBFileScout right now and send my apologize & regret to the authors.

    • thanks kburns for make this aware to me – actually I just can hope, that everybody accept my apologize. I really feel ashamed right now – but I hope by my fast reaction (replacing all icons in the BBFileScout and updating all screenshots (where I have access) ) is the right sign that’s it was truly not my intention.


  5. Oh,This just got interesting…

  6. More like this just got stupid….

  7. p.s. I wonder how many people are using icons from probably the same license in themes they are directly SELLING?

    Yeah…. I’m sure a lot.

  8. Turned out pretty good..Great app too

  9. Anyone else getting this message ?
    Error starting BBFileScout: Module ‘BBFileScout’ attempts to access a secure API.
    I get it every time I start. can’t use it.

  10. I’d tried this a while back in it’s infancy and it looked promising, but the feature set then wasn’t worth me using. It looks quite feature rich now, but whenever I try to get a newer version I kept getting a spoofed html webpage warning from my virus scanner (Avira Anti-Vir).

  11. @RedNightHawk – simply reload the page [if you still get the same error, then this is cause of the GoogleAds JScript]…

    After spending the night with “pushing pixel around” there is a new Version (0.6.4) available…

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