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Forward with Edit – edit forwarded email!

screenshot160I’ve always wanted the ability to edit email that I forward from my BlackBerry and was never sure why this wasn’t a feature already on RIM’s OS.

In that spirit, I have decided to try Mobile Imagination’s: Forward with Edit™. It’s a teeny app that hardly takes up any space on your BlackBerry and the only way to access it is when you are in the email you actually want to forward (see screenshot at right).

The standard way you forward emails (shown below left) is where you can only type a message BEFORE the forwarded email but cannot actually edit the email you are forwarded. In Forward with Edit™ (shown below right), you can not only type a message, you can edit the forwarded email very easily.

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There’s even a video you can check out that shows how it works in more detail, but I can tell you that it’s a handy dandy little app that is well worth the $2.99 it costs. Now you can forward/edit emails right on your BlackBerry so you don’t have to wait until you are in front of your PC to do so. Available for devices running 4.2 & higher, Forward with Edit™ can be purchased right in our BerryReview store.

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  1. Finally….finally….finally…..

    I think it’s pathetic that RIM hasn’t given us this in there OS updates and we need to purchase this functionality. Just common sense IMHO.

    I have since purchased it though! Good find!

  2. The problem with this app is that you have to advertise for them as it has the auto signature “Powered by Mobile Imagination”. I know it can be removed but why should it be there at 1st when it is a paid app. If it’s free or trial, I can accept it but not when I paid for it.

  3. I don’t think they have any need to QA the program in general.

    • The existing product is fine and we are not aware of any issues. We are updating it, taking out the “Powered By Mobile Imagination” , and for that we run thru a series of internal tests before we launch the free upgrade. These are internal tests with employees and other beta users we know. Thanks for the interest! Mike

  4. Do you guys plan to have something like Reply with Edit? Because even when you hit reply, one cannot edit the email. Any hopes to have that as an added feature too?


    • We are releasing a new product called Reply With Edit(TM) in the next week. The technical requirements for a reply, are significantly different that we put it into two products. It also helped keep our cost lower for people that only require one version.

  5. Seriously considering buying this.

    • Definately worth the money, however I think it should also incorporate the “Reply without Edit” at the same cost, not additional?


      • I agree. It should be an update to registered users for no cost I think. They perhaps a different structure to new purchasers.

      • Sorry but you guys are incredible? The product costs $2.99 and you want another separate program added for No extra cost?

        I know the economy is tight but come on? I think the programmer deserves a little money to make ours lives a little easier? its $2.99 less a discount in someplaces!!!!

  6. Still don’t see a new release in App Store.

  7. Often, I have to forward e-mails that contain attachments. I believe that this program, though it allows me to edit forwarded e-mails, cannot include attachments.

    1 – Why is that?
    2 – Will that kind of functionality be part of the program soon?


    • We’re working on the attachment issue, however it is difficult to implement.

      The issue is the way RIM manage email & attachments in their NOC.

      • This issue is a big one for me, I wish I would have known this issue prior to purchasing it.

        90pct of the emails I need to forward have attachments.

        Hopefully there will be a resolution to this?


  8. Hi Matt… I’m sorry that this is a major issue for you. We have the comment about the application not working on emails with attachments in the description.
    Regards Mike

    • Thats odd.

      I bought it the first day it was mentioned here and I didn’t see any mention of that issue!

      • We did not want to mislead anybody, and we used the same description as the one we put up on the BlackBerry App World. I am sorry, we’re trying to enable this feature and it will be a free upgrade when we get it done.

        The problem is that the attachment never leaves RIM’s NOC, and that creates the problem we need to solve.

      • And to add, again I did not mention this issue in my email and I apologize, but it was/is mentioned in the product description via the store. Always good to read those descriptions just in case…however, I look forward to the folks at Mobile Imagination implementing that feature soon.

  9. Just to jump in here, my apologies for not mentioning this issue but honestly, I didn’t test it with any emails that had attachments (this isn’t something that’s too important for me), so I wasn’t aware. However, the application only costs $2.99 so IMO, it is still well worth the cost (for me) to just be able to edit forwarded emails (without attachments).

  10. What is happening to the update that will eliminate the annoying “powered by mobile imagination” footer?

    I purchased my copy of the software from Mobihand. How will I be able to get the updated version?



  11. Is there any change that you (the developer) could make a similar software that allows me to ‘reply with edit’. A lot of company’s support departments require customer support to be entered between pre-specified lines, and I am not able to reply to such messages with the standard reply method of the blackberry; because as you know it does not allow for editing of the original message.



    • Hi Paul… We expect to release Reply With Edit(TM) before the end of the month.

      Again, it will not work with attachments, at least initially.

      Thanks for the interest in our offerings. Mike

      • Hi Mike,

        That is absolutely wonderful news. I very much look forward to having reply with edit; even if for the time being it doesn’t include attachments.

  12. I am wondering what’s going on with the update to Forward with Edit.

    Back on April 15 you said that you were getting to release a version that got rid of:

    “remove the “power by Mobile Imagination”

    We are quickly approaching June and you haven’t managed to release the update. How difficult can it be to remove those words. Not much he!

    We are all paying customers and it is not fair for us to be doing advertising for you, or to have to edit the emails every time we forward them.

    So please can you tell us why in over a month you haven’t been able to release such a simple update.

    On another note, do you still expect to release Reply with Edit by the end of May? Do you think that will be May of 2009; or will it be like the upgrade to Forward with Edit that keeps dragging along from week to week even though all you need to do is remove the advertising from the code and release.

    I look forward to your reply.


  13. I bought forward with edit a few days ago for my Curve OS and cant get program to work properly with any email, even ones without attachments. I highlight the message, click forward with edit, the resulting email just shows the subject in the body and powered by mobileimagination…

  14. The company behind this software leaves a LOT to be desired. They have promissed to get rid of the “power by Mobile Imagination” for months; and haven’t done it. They have promised to release other software and haven’t done it. My advise would be to stay away from them. A company that charges for a product and forces you to promote their company and then promises to remove such statement and doesn’t do it; is a company you do not want ot deal with. DO NOT BUY THIS SOFTWARE.

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