VR+ Shapes up a Little More

VR+ has been one of my all-time favorite BlackBerry applications for a long time. Perhaps you have read the review I wrote one year ago. If you haven’t, I think you should. I think it’s very, very useful because it takes mobile texting communication one step further: by sending voice messages instead of text. Why waste time thumbing away? Just open the Mail application, select ‘Compose’ or ‘Reply’ and speak out. I find that extremely convenient. You can even spread your word via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Blogger directly if you’re into the whole social thing. Read that review for more details.

Another good thing about this application is that it never stands still, it’s always being updated by SHAPE Services. The newest version is 2.5.3 and it features the following changes:

  • Lite mode
  • Vibro signal on start of a recording

‘Lite mode’ is a limited mode that lets you keep using VR+ after the trial period is expired, but with the following limitations:

  • an introduction form pops up every time the application is launched – a nag screen;
  • a text tag is inserted in the recording comments and message;
  • a sound tag is inserted in every recording;
  • you can’t change an existing recording (insert/overwrite/continue);
  • autosend and autoupload are disabled;
  • you can’t use any themes.

Nothing Draconian in my opinion, but nagging enough to remind you that hey, it isn’t free. Personally, I suggest you try it. If you think it’s relevant to your interests, then buy it because the application works perfectly well, has many features and SHAPE usually provides good support.

By the way, since we’re talking about buying and paying, VR+ now costs $ 20.00. Like I said, this app just gets better and better. You can buy it from SHAPE directly or at the BerryReview Store for the same price.

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  1. VR+ is a great piece of software and you are right, they are updating it regularly. Unfortunately it is one of the apps that are not working with OS 5 at the moment. Can’ t start it (“VRPlusCommon attempts to access a secure API.”). But I’m sure they will release 2.54 or so to work with OS 5.

  2. Besides a “record all calls app”, My killer voice app has always been what I call a “one touch voice nagger”. This is something I can assign to a convenience key that will record a message with one button press and then keep bugging me later to process it somehow, which usually involves a calendar or task entry. I finnally settled on the combination of note2self and webmessenger message alerts but I wonder if vr can now do this.

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