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Some cool, new themes for your BlackBerry!

My friends over at have been hard at work creating some new and interesting looking themes.

screenshot-4.gifscreensho.gifA few of their latest, Simplicity Black & White, Broken Screen and Audio HiFi each have their own unique style. I tested only the Bold versions of each theme and they all worked nicely for me.

Starting with their most basic design, Simplicity Black & White (shown on the Storm at left), has a simple black to silver/white gradient background with round, almost 3D like, icons. Though I do admit to liking simple styled themes, this one is definitely for the more ‘no-nonsense’ type of person.

Simplicity B&W is available for the 8200, 8300, 8900, 9000 & 9500 for $5.99 in the Berryreview Store (see main link below).

Next up is Broken Screen (on the 8900, shown right)which IMO, is the nicest ‘broken screen’ theme I have seen to date. The graphics are high quality and the overall theme works very well. On the home screen, it is a blank screen so in order to access your applications, you need to press your ‘menu’ key. But it’s a well done theme and the Bold version I tested was wallpaper friendly, which is always a nice feature to have.

Broken Screen also costs $5.99 and is available for 8900, 9000 & 9500 in our Berryreview Store (link below).


Last, but not least, is Audio HiFi (shown on the Bold above) which resembles an audio receiver with all its little buttons and knobs and metalized accents. The battery & signal meters displayed at the top right and left are custom made and the 6 icons centered in the middle are user customizable. There’s a lot going on in the main screen so if you like ‘busy’, this theme is surely for you. Audio HiFi costs $5.99 as well and is available for the 8300, 8900 & 9000.

If you follow this link to our store you can find the listing for each theme shown (as well as other themes from idberry). Make sure you view screen shots for your appropriate device as well as any other info for the theme before purchasing.

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  1. Based on the Storm screenshot, you’re going to get a lot of people complaining of colour banding in whatever OS is being used.

  2. Isn’t this the same theme “designer” who is selling a theme with a copywright image? Go to the store and search for “Starbuck”.

  3. Yes Sarah, that’s true. It is for sale in the Mobihand Store (which our store automatically accesses). Being that the theme designer is from Indonesia, not sure they know of ‘copywrite rules’. That said, you’ll notice I did not mention that theme in my post. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the themes I wrote about, and tested, all worked really well 🙂

  4. Hello Vicky,

    Sorry to comment here, just bought Simplicity B&W for my Curve 8310 and it’s nothing like it shows in the pictures – no Today screem or option, and I have a first UNREMOVABLE icon linking to some “themeberry” website – unnaceptable for a paid theme.

    Asked support and received no answer, so I would like to ask your help (and a refund) here.

    Always loved Berryreview, surely that’s a small mistake – but I recommend explaining better what you get or not when buying something.


    • Dear Marcelo,
      Sorry I have just read your complain since it’s GMT+7 here.
      We apologize for the fact that you were disappointed with one of our theme. About the today feature, we didn’t mention in the description that today version is only available for Storm version, eventhough we put some other screenshots.
      You can either make a refund from or we’ll make today version for you. Whatever your decision, you can choose any other theme from our catalog, and we’ll send another theme free for you.
      Once again, we apologize.

      Best regards,

      Deddy Avianto

  5. Hello Marcelo,

    I am sorry you are not happy with the theme but as far as the screen shots shown, if you read my last line, I clearly do state “Make sure you view screen shots for your appropriate device as well as any other info for the theme before purchasing.” I mention this because themes do vary between devices so we always need to keep this in mind. However, I received your private email and I will contact the theme developer on your behalf.

    • Deddy,

      Thank You for replying! To be honest, it was a good surprise to know it may be possible to make a today plus version for the 8310.

      If you could do that and also remove that permanent link to the themeberry which I do not understand till now no refund would be necessary, since I liked a lot the design of the theme and icons.

      If it would be very hard to do that, we can discuss other alternatives, but I already thank you for your kind attention on this.



      • Dear Marcello,
        I have just sent the new OTA for you.


        Deddy Avianto

        • Dear Deddy,

          The theme is working flawlessly in the exact way I expected at first! Beautiful, functional and much more lighter than the theme I was using before. Perfect.

          Thank you for addressing my request so FAST, you definetly gained a happy costumer AND a supporter for your work.

          Thanks a lot!



  6. Vicky, thanks. Ronen replied my e-mail and was extra kind as you all always are and directed me for another support page. Will describe the situation again there.

    Oh, well… that only proves I gotta move to my Bold soon 🙂

    Thanks for your kindness!

  7. You will love the Bold, that’s what I use! However, I have emailed the developer and copied you to see if he can be of some assistance.

  8. OK, Vicky, got your mail.

    Thanks a lot for the help of all you guys at BerryReview, it surely was precise and fast (as a good BB user)

  9. Good job dadberry….. two thumbs up.

  10. Is there anyway to get rid of the permenant theme berry icon on the home screen? I can see if i downloaded it for free, but i paid for it. Also i think you guys should give somekind of warning in the description that the theme has that unchangable icon on the home screen. I did notice it was always high lighted in the screen shots but i thought if could be changed.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Mr Freeman,
      Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve done the fixing and have re-uploaded the files. If you have already purchased it and need the new version, you can send an email to [email protected].
      We are new and still need a lot to learn about the rules. We really appreciate any inputs like yours.


      Deddy Avianto &

      • Thank you for your reply, sorry i havent used my home computer for a while. I sent you an email using the link you provided. Hopefully everything works out perfect once i receive the updated version. THank so much and i look forward to your future themes. I just need to upgrade to a bold now so i can get some of your work.

        Thanks in advance!!!

  11. Sorry i forgot to add i was speaking on the Simplicity Black & White theme, lol.

  12. Mrrfreeman, I did see that the comment about the non-movable web icon from another poster here and for some reason, I didn’t notice that on the version I tested. While I have seen theme designers put their weblinks on themes, it is usually movable. Some times I get ‘beta’ versions (where the icon might not have been there) to test and this may have been the case or perhaps it was there and for some reason, I just did not notice it. In either case, my sincere apologies to you. I’ll make sure I note this if I see anything of this nature in the future.

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