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Play a Role in the U.S. Politics from Your BlackBerry

This has to be the best idea I have seen in my recent memory.

The BlackBerry surely makes our lives a lot more convenient. I am all for buying some sexy lingerie or ordering some kosher food from one’s BlackBerry. But every now and then someone has to come up with something that really matters, something that can really change the way we live and the laws we all observe. There is no question that people should be a lot more acquainted and involved with the politics of their countries, and if you’re American and have a BlackBerry, you just ran out of excuses to neglect your power to change.

Our nice reader Andre shared this tip with us: Write congress personal letters with a free BlackBerry app.

Welcome to Visible Vote

This website is dedicated to making government transparent and accountable. Visible Vote allows you to vote on the same issues your legislators are voting on. It then cross compares your votes to your legislators over time. Visible Vote even updates your legislators with your votes for you via fax. You can also fax a personal letter to your representatives. Sign up now and be heard!

And here comes the really nice part:

Blackberry Beta of Visible Vote

Hello these are the instructions on how to install the Blackberry beta application of Visible Vote. This application allows you to write congress personal letters from your Blackberry, vote on issues your legislators are voting on and updates them with your voting preference.

Excellent idea! 🙂  And, unlike many commercial applications that only cater to the newest BlackBerry models, they support not only the Storm, Bold and 8900, but also older models running 4.5 OS, 4.3 OS and 4.2 OS. Each model or OS version has a specific OTA link and set of instructions, so I am not posting a direct link here. Please visit the site and learn what you have to do to get this application running.

I really wish someone would do something like this here in Brazil. We really need it. Hey Obama, my man! Are you reading this? Be sure to recommend it to all your fellow BlackBerry addicts.

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  1. installed it but didn’t work. Just got errors on my 8320, OS

    • Make sure u download the right one..

      • Yes this was all due to server problems this morning. Sorry I didnt realize a story was going to be published :-). Glad to see people find it useful though.

        Everything is running fine now. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions or new features they would like. I have already received a few!


  2. Same thing here on my 8320. Wont let me create an account. Installs fine but wont run.

  3. Like the above I am having the same issue with creating an account on my 8330. I tried a hard reset to see if that would help, but it was to no avail.

  4. Same. Does not work on my 8330

  5. OK, I went to facebook and access the Visible Vote application and now I am able to log in. You need to use your facebook login and password for the app.

    • Oh btw, the Facebook app login was just a coincidence. 🙂 I just happened to get the server back up at that time.

      Sorry about that… Things should be a lot smoother now.


  6. Hey all,

    I apologize for the issues you had this morning. I actually had some problems with the server… Talk about impeccable timing!

    The server is back up and running as of 12:30pm. If you are having trouble please contact me at [email protected] and I would love to fix them for you. Once again I apologize for the issue.


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