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PimpMyMail – Customize your LED so you know who’s emailing you

090410155325Have you ever wished you could tell who’s emailing you without having to pick up your BlackBerry and look inside your ‘messages’ folder? Well, Pimp My Mail is a program that does just that.

From Motek Mobile, Pimp My Mail is a software application that helps you customize and personalize your email notification by sender, using your LED light indicator so you know exactly who has just sent you an email just by looking at the color of the flashing LED. You can also set indicators by domain name (ie, so any emails you get from that domain address, flash a specific color. Pretty nifty, huh?

PMM allows you to add new email addresses with names very easily. You then have a choice as to what color combination you want your LED to light up with per the sender. There are 9 colors you can choose from, but you can have them in (2) color combinations (i.e. flashes blue to white) for even more customization. There’s a preview option that you can use to view the flashing colors before you save them.


I would think this program comes in real handy when you’re in a meeting and don’t want to be interrupted unless it’s someone specific. So if you set your boss’ email to flash green and blue, you know instantly there’s an email coming from him/her when you see those colors.

Pimp My Mail is available for most BlackBerry devices and costs $6.99 at our Berryreview Store.

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  1. this would be awesome if it would also do the same for SMS not just email AND allow custom alert tones, that would be so bad ass haha.

  2. Nice looking app but no free trail? That sucks and $6.99 is a little steep for me. Come on berryreview like to see you give away 20 copies!!!! Hint….Hint.

  3. I find that BerryBuzz is a better application. It does more than just email LED notification. Does missed calls, sms, email(of course), voicemail, etc.

    plus, it’s cheaper $5.95

  4. Thanks for the tip, Chris….

    I agree, I wish there was a Trial version…

  5. @Conker: I believe there is a 7 day trial. That’s the reason they got my $. It’s well worth it. I do however find that getting email in the middle of the night with it blinking makes my room look like a disco. I have to turn my BB faced down on my nightstand…hahaha

  6. Hi guys, thanks for the tip on BerryBuzz…the only thing I am not sure of is if in BerryBuzz, you can set emails to light a certain LED not just specifically, but from a general domain (ie, [email protected]) – which works especially well when dealing with groups where you have more than one email coming in from the same domain name…for me it just saves time setting up. But BerryBuzz certainly sounds like a nice application.

  7. I installed the BerryBuzz and it does not seem to do the same thing. Although I am able to set up different colors for all my seperate e-mail addresses (my incoming yahoo flashes orange, and my gmail is purple for example), I cannot set up different colors for different contacts. PMM appears to allow you to specify colors PER SENDER. So I think I will buy that one.

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