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SmrtGuard for BlackBerry

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to test and suggest new features for the latest software to protect your BlackBerry smart phone, it’s called Smrtguard.  Their latest software brings many features that strive to protect your BlackBerry and avoid sensitive information landing in the wrong hands. One of the increasing trends among criminals is to steal smart phones such as the BlackBerry since devices like this often contain valuable information and can easily be sold for a good sum.

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One of the best features that this software brings to the BlackBerry is the ability to back up your data OTA, such as email, contacts, memos, tasks, events, call logs,  and restore them back to your BlackBerry. This feature is simple to use and works great, all you do is back it up instantaneously or set a specific time frame. On another note, this reminds me of one of the most useful features of BES similar to this, it allows your data and settings to be backed up OTA and re-synced to your BlackBerry.

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So let’s say for example you misplace your BlackBerry and can’t find it, simply log on to the SmrtGuard website and press a button to locate it by sending a command to play a sound locator.

If you happen to lose your BlackBerry, you can either track it live if the BlackBerry is turned on, get the location or simply wipe the device by sending a message to destruct all the information it contains.


  • Back up data, includes contacts with pictures, email, call logs, calendar, auto text, events
  • Restore all that information (currently only supports from BlackBerry to BlackBerry)
  • SIM Guard – notifies you if the SIM card is replaced
  • Option to follow yourself
  • Personal guardian – if you happen to find yourself in trouble, you can preset a message via email or SMS to call for help to a set number or 911

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The web interface also has some great features

  • View all of your back up data, even view contacts that have pictures
  • Send a command to self destruct
  • Lock the device
  • Audio ping helps you locate your BlackBerry if you misplace it
  • Remote listen – you can command your BB to call you back and listen in

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Similar software offers features, but this application is simple, easy to use and packs quite a few options to protect your phone and your information on it. It may not always help you recover your lost or stolen device, but in most cases you can protect whatever you store on it.

Currently, the application is closed for beta testing, but should be available commercially before mid to end of April. We will keep you updated once the application goes live. You can visit their site for more information at

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  1. Sweet. Lets see, change of plans…hmm should I use it or not? What about protecting ones privacy like contact numbers etc.

    What do you guys say?

  2. You can’t introduce security policies that aren’t already existent on the phone, so you can’t really remotely protect your contacts as they are not normally protected on the phone anyways.

    However you can remotely self destruct the contact info (and all user data) through the website, so in that sense you can.

    I’m currently in the beta.

  3. You can also remotely lock the device, so assuming you had a PW assigned to unlocking your BB, you could protect contacts that way remotely.

    • Thanks. That sounds better. Btw, when is the registration process resuming? I see that the registration for beta testers is closed.


      • No idea really. You could email them, but I haven’t heard anything.

      • The beta is closed but they are planning on launching the commercial version soon, maybe at the end of the month. And it might come in different packages. I tested out all the features I mentioned above and suggested quite a few and they have done a good job at making them work.

        As far as OTA back up I really haven’t seen another software that works as good as this one, beside BES, if I find something will let you know.

    • a feature that I did not test and forgot to mention is that it also wipes your memory card if you happen to have one on your BB this was one of my questions to them and smrtguard said it does work.

  4. This is something I could have really used. Freak, wonder if the beta was open, pretty sure it was, but I would have taken part in for sure. I have looked for some sort of software that will do this, and this one comes with a whole bunch of extra stuff along with the OTA backup. That just kicks @ss. Any other way to back up your contacts automatically OTA? Last one I tried was Google Sync, but it kinda sucks.

  5. I like the features in this product. I’m anxious to see if it works as advertised.

  6. Heh…BIS email and log-in has been jacking up and has pretty much been down for the last 2 hours…
    No one seems to care…That’s freakin’ awesome.

  7. I’ve been using this app since the 1st day the beta launched, I’ll co-sign for this one anyday… wonderful app and OTA backup does not take long at all… couple seconds really, the tracker is quite nice… also the ability to Nuke your data on the berry is awesome!!

  8. I’m beta testing this app right now!

  9. downloaded it a month ago and has never worked for me always fails

  10. Nice. Can’t wait

  11. hmm….they are even out of beta now…no longer accepting new members!

  12. I have been trying out Smrtguard for a couple of weeks now. All of the processes have worked smoothly as I tested them.

    The locate phone worked perfectly and quickly, showing my phone in the front of my house where it was located. The backup is great like stated in the review and you do have control of backing nothing up, or backing up only certain things. If your worried about your messages or contacts being backed up, you can choose not to.

    Today I had the chance to really use the system. I misplaced my phone here at my house, and after looking around I could not find it. Calling my phone would be useless because it was set to vibrate (all). I then logged into the Smrtguard web site and did an audio ping to my phone. This sets off a buzzer and lights the led a bright white. It was loud enough that I heard the buzzing coming from my garage while I was in the upstairs office where my computer was located. Here I easily found the phone under some car wash towels I had folded and laid on a workbench. Thank you Smrtguard.

    Yes I would have eventually found the phone, but it may have taken a day or two before I moved the towels. For this feature alone Smrtguard is worth having. All the other features are bonuses.

  13. This program is working great on my 9500 Storm (UK Vodafone network) and has not failed since the SmrtGuard update to version 1.05.

    The support team at SmrtGuard have been both quick and courteous in their replies to my queries.

  14. I have been using it for awhile now, i recomend it, its also fun the play with while running errands.

  15. I really like smrtguard and think that it is a wonderful program. Until today however I had unistalled the program from my phone because the back-up function would never work for me. But I got an email last night stating they had an updated beta version available that should fix some of the problems 8330 users were experiencing. After downloading the new beta release, I am happy to report back that backup now works successfully. What’s interesting for me is that Desktop Manager will never back up my email messages for some reason. Even after several OS upgrades after about the third day I am no longer to back up my emails. But with this software I will now be able to restore my emails whenever I do an upgrade. This product should be out of beta June 30, from my understanding. But to all of you who are unsure whether this is a good value, I will say I rarely pay for applications on my Blackberry since there are so many free alternatives usually available. This however is one software app I will be buying.

  16. This site is really quite good. . .

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