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HOT !!!!! Leaked OS for Bold


This is the first I’ve seen of v5.0. Pick it up here via FantomBerry or from BlackBerry :

Thank you Brett (and BlackBerry for the tip on this one.

Let us know what you find.

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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    Good to see FantomBerry getting the credit for this!

  2. It’s so unbelieveable.

  3. Downloads fine.

  4. rapidshare link >

    Note from above site: it is a pain to downgrade back to 4.6. So do this (the upgrade) with caution.

  5. i downloaded it jut fine but te desktop manager wouldnt up lad the new os. said it recommends the previous version. so i tried to do it manually and it wont work. i deleated the vendor.xml file and ive upgraded my os ike 50 other times whats wrong with this time.

    • Are you running DM 4.7+ ?

      • Either that or he didn’t delete the vendor.xml file on his computer and still has a prior OS installed on it.

        FYI folks…DTM 4.7 sucks.

        Download the USB drivers for 4.7, install them, then install DTM 4.2 SP2. Best DTM out there for technical things on the BlackBerry (IE: OS Loads and re-loads, reviving dead berries, etc).

  6. just installed it. there is a definite lag… makes sense considering its a beta
    FYI viigo does NOT work on OS 5.0. that or it just doesnt work for me

  7. can use facebook and other instant messenger arrrghhhh

  8. sorry cant use facebook and other IM why

  9. So I guess we can expect an OS 5.0 leak for the 8900 sometime as well. That’d be very interesting!

  10. I heard that new OS for BOLD have Unicode Pre-Compound. That’s very good for Vietnamese User like us

  11. Downloaded it but think I will wait till newer leak if these are the problems that users are experiencing. Normally I would be quick to install but will hold off this time.

  12. blackberry os didnt leak this, and you were tipped off by someone else first, give cedit where its due

  13. Sweet sassy mo lassy. Waiting patiently for the 8900 5.0!

  14. Here’s a download link:

  15. does any body have working bb browser? a lot of people reporting that issue, no browser working, everything working fine

  16. This build is a real step down 🙁 The startup splash screen is nice, but only abou 60% of the applications work

  17. 8900 5.0 foun online guys will see if post that in here

  18. Browser is insanely better.

    -Items highlight on mouseover
    -Faster rendering, scrolling, updating
    -Text entry boxes AUTO WORD WRAP (awesome)

  19. yea my bb browser is also defaulting to media net on att. really sucks and also a lot of the apps dont work anymore that sucks even more. i called att to try to fix the problem and didnt tell them i upgraded the os and they told me to reload the os again is the only way so far to fix the problem

  20. what if anything can be done about the non working apps. thanks papped by the way i got the browser working, again thanks. thers quite a few of the apps on my phone that dont work. also bolt is no longer working but i think its due to the browser missing. ill try to reinstall it again but ill have to get back to you on that

  21. New Facebook app doesnt work… lost all my calendar ties with it… other than that it works flawless.

  22. Installed the OS yesterday over 4.6 247 using DTM 5.0. No issues during install. On ATT network. Used the previously referenced procedure for internet browser, now have three options, (1) Hotspot, (2) Media and (3) my default Internet with Blackberry as the emulator. Running Google Maps, Foxnews, MuiTunes, AP News Mobile, H7 theme and Accuweather push. Successfully load Blackbery App World and downloaded a number of Apps. So far only Viigo is not working. I don’t use FB or MS.

    For now it’s a keeper.

  23. anyone know FB for OS 5 ?

  24. does anyone know when the official version will be released?

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