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Found online: OS 5.0 for the Curve 8900

Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag. We posted about a leaked OS 5.0 for the Bold just a few hours ago, and it’s time for the Curve 8900 already. I wonder which device will be next. Probably the Storm. Will there be one for the 8220, too? Other Pearls and Curves? The 8700 series? Stay tuned.

For the time being, here is the link for the OS 5.0 for the Curve 8900. Mind you, it’s a Rapidshare link and no one really knows where these leaks come from. Nothing official, supported or anything. In this case, more than ever, our usual warnings apply.

Our usual warnings always apply: do not download and install these updates if you don’t know what you’re doing. Incorrect procedure or just bad luck could render your BlackBerry inoperative or unstable.

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  1. running on my 8900 now.. seems ok.. but tons of application won’t running facebook, viigo, etc. i thinki its more about the different platform…
    browser looks good and bb msger running well..

  2. MyFaves didn’t work either… I uninstalled it and went back to .172

  3. same here I ran it just now. I like the picture slide show. Not to sure i like the gray square for the options that have a drop down menu., Slight memory leak and every time I reboot icons on home screen rearrange. Also had lots of issues with my faves interface for t-mo service. date and time on main screen was not as crisp and clean as the old OS. in the meantime i will revert back to 4.6 and wait till its official by carrier.

  4. For Storm? I would be happy to see a REAL official release from Verizon of something better than crappy I mean come ON Verizon! Get off your butts! There have been a half dozen leaked newer versions that are far better than the crap you are giving your customers. You wonder why Storm isn’t more popular? Keep showing them in stores as crappy as .75 performs nd nobody in their right mind would buy one.

  5. my Myfaves aint there nor the Icon. And Viigo doesnt work.. Something about Uncaughtexception:java.lang.NullPointException. I dont know what that is but its the reason why it wont work. I even went into Permissions and put everything to allow tried it again and nono… i cant live without Viigo and Myfaves. I have the Tmobile 8900 someone Help cuz i really do like this os… Plus what the HELL is Virsual Voicemail maybe thats what Tmobile is presenting at new york or rim at Orlando

    • I saw that but it wouldn’t work the visual voicemail, I did like it but too buggy at this time so am downgrading since I do need some of the apps that don’t work at this time. My myfavs worked just fine don’t really know why it works on some and not on other devices..

  6. Do you have any review about TDD/TTY device and Jabra A210 Bluetooth Adapted?

    Do you have review about 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm TDD/TTY device for Bluetooth Adapted?

    Many thanks.
    Deaf Guy

    • working good with my ITech bluetooth… but using the 5.0 now is not a good idea… keep restarting… i chose to use 4.6 at the moment.. wait for the final released 5.0

  7. V 5.0.090 missing Istant messaging help

  8. Does anyone have any answers yet? Viigo doesn’t work and is also not listed in Blackberry App World (where it was the #1 DL), MySpace and Facebook are lost somewhere. I do like the OS with the exception of having to lower the font so everything fits on the screen in the call logs and messages. How do I revert back if I need to?

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