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FAQ: Unread Messages or Missed Phone Call Indicator Does Not Go Away

stuckmessageindicator This issue has happened to me countless times on my BlackBerrys over the years. I would get a stuck message or phone call indicator and it would just not go away. I would have no unread messages or phone calls and still the little bugger would not disappear!

Turns out that RIM has finally coughed up a few simple and more drastic approaches to clearing these indicators most of which I don’t like. There should just be a simple tool that will reset them! RIM provides six options that you should go through serially until the message indicator goes away. Truthfully I hate wiping my device just to get rid of an indicator.

From the Knowledge Base:

NOTE: Backup the BlackBerry before performing any database deletion.

  1. Hard Reset the BlackBerry – Pull out the battery
  2. Go to Messages icon and highlight the most recent date, hit the Menu key and choose mark prior opened.
  3. Go to Messages icon and highlight the most recent date, hit the Menu key and choose delete prior.
  4. Change the theme
  5. Delete the Message Database then hard reset the BlackBerry
  6. Wipe the handheld
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  1. 7. Use a hammer

  2. I found another option I found that incoming messages tend to stay if they are not received properly eg. from 3rd party apps, go into your messages and press alt ” i ” this will bring up your incoming messages and highlight the most recent date and menu mark as prior open works for me on the Bold and my girls Curve 8310

  3. Happens on my Curve every now and then. Easy fix. Pressing Alt + right shift + delete forces a reset without having to pull the battery. Easy peasy.!

  4. Occasionally we will get questions from our customers about this issue. What we have found works nearly every time are these steps:

    1) Mark one message as unread using the active theme.

    2) Switch themes.

    3) Go to your inbox and highlight the top date.

    4) Press menu, then select “Mark Prior Opened”

    5) Switch back to your original theme.

    Most of the time that will work for us, please let us know if it does for you.

  5. My wife has a Pearl 8130 with a 4.3.x OS. She doesn’t have unread messages indicated, but missed phone calls though the phone log doesn’t show a missed call. Any ideas? She is going on her 4th Pearl now and all Verizon does is just send her a new phone.

  6. Easy. Use Quick Pull. You don’t have to pull the battery

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