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Review: V-Moda Vibe II Earbud Headset with Microphone

Copy of Vibe II Nero dkbkgd Review: V-Moda Vibe II
Cost: $119.99 w/Free Shipping @ Amazon

When V-Moda told me about their new Vibe II headset I had to check it out. It is hard to find a pair of high quality earbuds with a microphone built inline with the wire. On top of that these earbuds just look slick! They also have detachable sport hooks that wrap the cord around your ear so that you can move around without them being yanked out. These are quality earbuds and come with a range of ear silicon fittings and sport clips sizes. You can see the quality in the Kevlar reinforced fabric cable and 24k gold headphone connector.

IMG_5351 IMG_5355

Compatibility: the headphones connect to any regular 3.5mm jack. It has both headphones (obvious) and a microphone for making phone calls.

IMG_5374 IMG_5375

Construction: Lets start from the top. The earphones are pitched as a luxury brand and style wise they pretty much deliver. The earphones fit into a nice slick little leather pouch provided. The actual connector that plugs into the phone is gold. The wire is not coated in plastic or rubber- it is enclosed in a rugged black nylon like rope (looks like bad ass repelling rope). It has a metallic button to answer and make calls where the wire splits in two. The cool part is the behind the ear headphone positioners. These rubber pieces comfortably grip the back of your ear and wrap the headphones around the back of your ear and into it. This takes away any gravity pull that you would have on the ear canal from normal earbuds. Then you can just slide the tiny earbuds all the way into your ear. They slide in easy, but also slide out easy sometimes when you are moving around. Also, if you push them too far into your ear you create an air bubble like you get on the plane when landing. All in all, pretty slick looking when on.

IMG_5373 Vibe II with Earhook

Sound: The earphones are designed to slip far into your ear canal to block out background sound an enhance the music. It does a fairly good job of blocking out background noises. The sound quality is generally good (better than average). Specifically, imagine there are three audio ranges: the low range refers to deep bass sounds; the mid range refers to normal voice tones and instruments; and the high range refers too high pitch sounds like hitting a symbol on a drum set or the bangles. These earphones are great for the normal mid range sounds like vocals, guitar and drums. For the low range deep sounds, the earphones are usable but you don’t really feel the bass sounds or get the impact of deep voices. The high range is super clear on the headphones. Almost even too clear, such that you hear the tingling of the symbol when it’s hit.

Vibe II accessories IMG_5371

Overall: The construction of the headphones and audio cord are more stylish than others. The ear wrapping system makes wearing them pretty comfortable compared to normal earbuds. If you aren’t an audio snob then the music listening experience is pretty good. But if you really appreciate rumbling and clear deep bass sounds this might not be the headset for you.

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  1. these earphones look like they would make someone Def… OR EAT someones ear.. lol.. looka cool.. I like wireless earphones myself.. But these look like they should be given a chance they do look slick.

  2. I reviewed this over at G Style Magazine as well, and your review is spot up! I found these to be a good pair of earphones, though I think the Vibe Duos looked better.

    Sound quality was good and have had no issue with them so far.

  3. Those “symbols” you keep mentioning are actually called “cymbals.” I just thought you’d like to know since this is now the third time, and not a typo anymore. It was especially confusing in your other review.

  4. nice design thanks for post

  5. I really liked these, but had two pairs fail in the wiring. Bummer for $99 headphones.

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