Network Infrastructure Project Announced in Australia


The federal government has just announced the largest infrastructure project in Australian history to try and jump start the economy. 
A $43B (AUD) spend on fibre to home telecommunications network for a final data speed of 100MBPS broadband from each home in Australia. (Well 95% of anyway).
I was involved in the fibre to node roll out a few years ago (this put a fibre optic cable to every suburb) and this is the next natural step. 
It will increase data speeds in Au across the board (wired, wireless and mobile network) by about 10x their current optimal speeds. 

Why am I posting it here I hear you ask ? This will not only increase the speed of the wired data connections but will have a big effect on the mobile phone speeds within this country. (As well as the added side effect of of creating jobs for 1000s).

For more information on this, feel free to check out;,25197,25301680-601,00.html

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  1. The problem with a 10 Year roll out is.
    Current technology will be changed by the time of conception.
    From my understanding 100MB+ wireless speeds will be available within five years so Fibre for internet will be redundant.
    I Have a funny idea their are ulterior motives behind this like Fibre HD Tv and the infrastucture in place to bring Telecom under Goverment Control.
    If HS wireless where available, any old player could roll out this like current Mobile technology and services.

    Imaging wirless HD TV, Home Phones, Mobile, Internet with NO cables to the home.
    It will eventually get their so why is the Govnt doing this !!
    Also remember that they are proposing Wireless & Sat for Country Areas in this roll out using CURRENT technology.

    Just my 2 cent’s worth.

    • I could not agree with you any more than what I do. I think you hit the nail on the head.
      It is nothing more than a jobs stimulus package from a government with a ‘spend now, pay later attitude’. (Sorry, now I’m getting political. lol)
      With the current, all be it, laboratory, speeds of Telstra’s wireless network, just imagine what sort of speeds they will be capable in 10 years time…)(And it’s a lot easier to roll out a wireless network over a fibre one)
      Sorry for the rant…
      Kind Regards,
      Greg Myers

      • One other thing to mull about.
        Telstra have a mandate to provide wire to the house as part of the Australian Goverment legislation when telstra was privatised.
        So it make me wonder why its being rolled out, because as long as one little old lady wants standard phone telstra have to maintain her exchange.

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