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bbCard: Send & Receive Contacts Over Bluetooth From/To Other Devices

bbcard_bluetooth When I bought my first Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry I was kind of surprised to learn that you could not send and receive contacts over Bluetooth. This was such a basic feature on all my previous Nokia & Sony Ericsson phones that I just assumed it would be there. Over the years RIM allowed us to send contacts over email, BlackBerry Messenger, and IM and files/media over Bluetooth but still they do not let us send contacts over Bluetooth… (At least as far as I have seen) This is funny since 4.2+ OS versions let you send your whole address book to Bluetooth handsfree kits.

Anton let me know that he developed bbCard for exactly this purpose. bbCard is simple application that lets you send and receive contacts over Bluetooth. Pretty simple right? Makes you wonder why RIM can’t/won’t do this natively? The app has a free 7 day trial for you to make sure it works after which it is $4.95 in the store which is a tad high for a one trick wonder app. It works with all OS 4.2.1+ devices.

From the description:

bbCard is a very simple to use Blackberry contacts exchange tool with user friendly interface dedicated mainly for Blackberry mobile users to send and receive instant your business, personal and family contacts with quick access enabled features. Supports all Bluetooth enabled mobile devices which your contacts are using.
When using bbCard you can keep in touch with your contact details instantly on the fly no matter you are playing snooker, waiting at airport or simply you are at any corner of the world.
bbCard enabled with simple Blackberry-like interface makes your work easier to exchange contacts details between Blackberry and any other Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone without any restrictions. Send and receive contacts like any other files on your Blackberry! Try for free with 7 days trial period.

  • Send contact from Address Book
  • Receive contacts from other mobile phones via Bluetooth
  • Simple Blackberry-like interface
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  1. So with this, one of those “other” phones can send me a contact over BT? But can I send one to them?
    And I assume for two BlackBerry t exchange contacts both must have this?

    This app fixes an OS oversight that RIM should have fixed years ago.

    • Hello DavidB,

      Yes you can send and receive contacts from/to your Blackberry. To exchange contacts between two Blackberries you need bbCard installed on both of them.

  2. Hey that’s cool.
    Ok, so you need to sell/license this to RIM. Honestly, what are the chances of me meeting some othe BlackBerry user and they have this software too? Unless it gets into the core OS I can’t see it being useful?

    So you didn’t answer, with this installed on my BlackBerry can I BT exchange contacts with WinMo or S60 or other phones? Or strictly BlackBerry to BlackBerry?

    • Sure, you can use it to exchange with other mobile phones (WinMo, Symbian, almost every mobile phone with Bluetooth has ability to send/receive contacts). For Blackberry users without bbCard installed you may suggest to download a free trial 🙂

  3. SMS Contact allows you to send the contact information by SMS text message. Simply define what you would like to send from the contact information and click on SMS contact on your menu for any of your contacts.

    Let us know how we can improve the app 🙂


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