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Video Reveals OS 5.0: More Evolution Than Revolution

Our buddy Kevin managed to score some video footage of the upcoming OS 5.0 running on an 8900 courtesy of a kind tipster. I can say that the OS looks polished compared to the current one and adds some new features but its kind of like the upgrade from 4.5 to 5.0. More of a feature bump than something new altogether. I am hoping RIM still has more up their sleeve to warrant a jump to 5.0. We are still missing quite a few features that we have confirmed will come with OS 5.0 combined with BES 5.0 as I list at the end of this article.

The video shows:

  • Nice new progress bar during boot (improved version of the Storms)
  • Trackball “flicking” through pictures
  • Bigger menu buttons with rounded edges
  • Slightly improved browser
  • BlackBerry Messenger improvements

So far I am hoping this drops sometime around WES 2009 in May. Hopefully there will be more to write about then!

Just as a reminder we told you a bit back about new BES 5.0 features that will only be supported with OS 5.0:

  • OS 5.0: Flag messages and set reminder times on your BlackBerry!!!
  • OS 5.0: View personal contact subfolders and edit contacts! Until now BES used to put all of your contacts into the Contacts application even if they were in different folders.
  • OS 5.0: You will be able to view and use contacts that are in public folders and copy them to your local contact list if you have permissions.
  • OS 5.0: You will have a file browser to access shared network locations to open, add, or save documents. You will be able to see document information from there such as file type, size, and date
  • OS 5.0: Forward meeting invitations and calendar entries from your BlackBerry
  • OS 5.0: Ability to add, delete, move, or rename personal folders
  • OS 5.0: Ability to view personal distribution lists that you have in your Outlook contacts and send email to them.
  • RIM is working on a solution to make emails that come from your BlackBerry look exactly like they would if they came from Outlook. I always hated the fact that people could see that I was on my Berry.
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  1. Can’t wait for the OS 5.0 for my Curve 8900 🙂

  2. please make it soon RIM.

  3. Very nice, can’t wait also. But, by the way… personal distribution lists they presently exist in my Bold with

  4. Nice phone but ONLY 15MB for device memory…that sucks. I will wait for the 9630 which has 130mb device memory. Oh by the way…The 9630 is coming to Telus this July…..Woot….Woot

  5. Will the 5.0 os be on 8310? or is it going to be just the new curve bold and storms?

  6. Slightly improved browser.


    *Slightly* improved browser. So we still get sub-par rendering and abysmal JS performance when so much importance is being placed on mobile browsing.

    Hey RIM- when are we gonna get Flash?

  7. RIM should abandon the current BB Browser and go for a Webkit solution.
    BB Browser is a shame!
    I think that the major update in OS 5.0 should be at it’s browser… I wish I was one of RIM’s top executives… 🙁

  8. I SO agree about the Browser. Dump it now since you can’t seem to fix it RIM. For any sort of decent performance you must disable Javascript, which is ridiculous in this day and age.

  9. I just wonder what Blackberry devices will be able to get 5.0 i surely hope pretty much all “newer” models.. I mainly hope also for the Pearl Flip.

  10. help instants mesagging in v 5.0

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