ShortcutMe (aka ShortcutBerry) Touch Released For The Storm

shortcutberry2 We mentioned ShortcutBerry previously as a very useful shortcut menu application for BlackBerrys. They had to change their name recently to ShortcutMe since RIM would not let anything with “berry” in the title into the App World. Their latest release dubbed ShortcutMe Touch is essentially the regular version optimized for a touchscreen. I find the shortcuts are very useful since it lets you create a ton of your own customized shortcuts for apps and other features such as turning Wi-Fi on.

ShortcutMe has a free 30-day full trial that you can use to give the application a spin after which it is relatively cheap at $4.99. Definitely worth a shot to see if it can simplify your tasks on your BlackBerry.

From the description:

ShortcutMe is a must have application for your BlackBerry Storm. It makes your device extremely handy and user-friendly. In fact, ShortcutMe has received lots of positive testimonials from the BB user community in its short life-time.
What does ShortcutMe offer you and how does it make your BB adventure more enjoyable?
ShortcutMe is a response to what you always felt was missing with your BlackBerry. If you are a fan of shortcuts on your PC, you will definitely enjoy this product, especially this new version. You can customize your own shortcuts to convert a list of boring tasks to extremely easy ones. Imagine launching your favorite app, calling/emailing/SMS a friend, creating a new Memo/Task, turning on your flash light, turning the Wifi/Radio on and off, opening a favorite webpage, and MUCH MORE by pressing a shortcut. You can also customize the device’s convenience (side) keys to perform 6 of your most frequent tasks.


  • 52 out of the box, yet customizable shortcuts for major BlackBerry applications.
  • Remove the unwanted shortcuts to shorten the ShortcutBerry list as you wish.
  • Assign single-letter shortcuts to your favorite tasks/applications.
  • Set shortcuts for launching any of your application that is not listed in the 52 pre-defined ones.
  • Shortcuts are active from anywhere, so press the shortcuts and fire an application without closing the current app.
  • Create shortcuts for opening your favorite web pages.
  • Create shortcuts for directly call/email/PIN/SMS a friend.
  • Create shortcuts for opening a new Task or Memo.
  • Create shortcuts for turning Radio and Wifi off/on.
  • Assign 3 applications to each convenience key (double/triple/quadruple clicks).
  • Double click the convenience key (from anywhere) to lock your Blackberry.
  • Access to any application while internet browsing without exiting the browser.
  • Turn your Blackberry quickly to a Flash Light from any application.
  • Avoid the annoying “Say a Command” voice because of the accidental convenience key clicks.
  • No more worries about loosing your shortcuts when upgrading/changing BlackBerry or its software.
  • User-friendly configuration process provided by Copy, Paste, Select, and Multitap in menus. (e.g. Copy a phone number from your AddressBook and paste it in SB to create a Call shortcut).
  • Runs on Blackberry Storm with 4.6+ (4.6, 4.7) software.
  • QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY keypad support.
  • Shortcuts provided for the following major applications: Address Book, Alarm, BlackBerry Messenger, Brick Breaker, Browser, Calculator,Calendar, Camera, Clock, Face book, Flash Light, Garmin Mobile, Global Search, Google Mobile App, Help, Home Screen, LBS, Lock, Manage Connections, Memo Pad, Memory Cleaner, Messages, My Space, Options, Phone, Profiles, Tasks, TeleNav, Twitter Berry, Video Recorder, Voice Dialing, Voice Notes Recorder, and many other popular 3rd party applications.

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