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FMyLife Mobile Website – Easy Access to Great Stories

fmylife_mobile Last week we mentioned the free FMyLife application that ported the FMyLife stories to your BlackBerry. Airos kindly let me know that there is another option for those of you who do not like dedicated applications. You can just visit the very mobile friendly version of FMyLife at

In case you do not know FMyLife is a mildly NSFW (Not Safe For Work) website where readers submit oftentimes hilarious stories about how screwed up their lives are. You can then agree if karma is screwing with them or if they deserved it.

Let me know about your favorite FMyLife story in the comments! I can always use a good laugh. 🙂

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  1. This is some funny stuff!

  2. This is so much fun!!!

  3. Nice, reality check, love FML

  4. My Favorite story so far, has to be this one:

    I was driving with my 13 yr old daughter, when she asked me at what age I lost my virginity. I figured that there was no harm in answering this question, I said 16.

    She says : HA! Got you beat


  5. im addicted to fml, but I came across a site called and I think it’s much better than fml. and also fwhyme is american. I rather support an american site. and they also don’t start all their articles with “today” so u can post things that happened yesterday

    but thats just me, to each his own right

  6. FML is funny, but I have some issues with them. The admins, and possibly the owner is attacking a similar site calling the owners of FWM “stupid”, and “big babies” (I know, they could of done much better than that, they’re immature), and accusing them of ripping off FML.

    FML has no right to make any accusations. If you look at, FML ripped them off, and they can’t say Jinxed copied them because Jinxed was created way before their french domain, and FML was even registered.

    So why can’t FWM pull a move on them like what they did to Jinxed?

    They are afraid because up until they learned of they didn’t have any competition.

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