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BBTetris Renamed BlockBerry – Updated to Version 5.5

bbtetrisThe popular & free tetris game BBTetris has been updated and renamed to BlockBerry. I am not sure what warranted the name change but with “Berry” in its name RIM will never allow it in the App World. RIM recently forced ShortcutBerry to change its name to ShortcutMe to be eligible to be in the App World. Still BlockBerry is a pretty cool name. 🙂 Last time we mentioned BBTetris it was sitting pretty at version 4.1 and now we are up to version 5.5. Mostly we are seeing slight improvements on the gameplay and performance and battery enhancements.

You can pick up the latest version on the product page or by using our mirror OTA.

NOTE: You need to remove BBTetris manually before you install BlockBerry so they don’t conflict. Do to the name change it will not update automatically.

From the change log:


  • (FIXED) “New Game” command was breaking the drop timer if game wasn’t paused.
  • “P” button pauses/resumes game.
  • Minor art changes to the title screen.


  • Changed app name to “BlockBerry”
  • Blocks can be adjusted after a fastdrop
  • Lowered sound volume slightly on one song to equalize the 3 songs better.
  • Increased Trackball sensitivity options to address downscroll sensitivity


  • (FIXED) Several collision issues fixed
  • (FIXED) Block speed is a more consistent increase at higher levels
  • (FIXED) Blocks getting stuck at the top of the screen
  • (FIXED) Game ending abruptly on 83xx \
  • Updated visuals
  • Increased performance
  • Fast Drop is instant
  • Trackball click starts a new game if one isn’t running
  • Changed the starting rotations of some of the pieces


  • (FIXED) Blocks repeatedly spawning at the end of a game and possible crash scenario
  • More performance optimizations


  • Major performance optimizations
  • Battery optimizations while running in the background
  • (FIXED) Various menu transition states
  • (FIXED) High score entry didn’t go to the scores page

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  1. 5.2 was a huge update from 4.X btw. There was a huge change in the collision and other things.

    • Papped,

      I really liked the last 4.X version. I downloaded this one to my Bold running OS 216 and have to say it doesn’t seem to be performing as well as the last version. The movements are jumpy and the top of the grid is just a tad off the top of the screen. Can I still get a jad of the older version?

    • Papped,

      Thanks for dealing with some of the issues with your Tetris game. I have enjoyed playing. There are 2 things I would like to mention. First, I do like being able to move the blocks after a fast drop. However the problem with that is that you end up inadvertently moving the block that just dropped when you actually are trying to move the next block. Second, I really do not like the changes to the graphics. They are fuzzier looking and the grid/background is too prominent. It actually interferes with game play. I noticed that you fixed the issue with the blocks continuing to spawn at the end of a game in v4.3. That was really my only issue with the version I had been using. I now wish I had not deleted the older version. Is there any way to get v4.3?

  2. i don’t know how the previous version was but this one on my 8900 is subpar. For this version there is no “fast drop” as traditional tetris players know. A “fast drop” is when the piece immediately drops down to the floor, giving you only a couple seconds to move it before it sets.

    I noticed the “trackball sensitivity” option and played with that but it didn’t appear to affect how fast the piece falls when doing a fast drop.

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