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XLink: Make & Receive Cellular Calls On Your Regular Phones

Picture 1 I read about this really slick new device in CPU Magazine and had to share. Xtreme Tech has two devices that let you make and receive cell phone calls using your regular phones at home. It connects up to 3 cell phones over Bluetooth and makes your house line ring when your cell phone does. They have two models:

  • XLink BTTN: lets you make and receive cell phone calls and regular landline calls on your regular home phones
  • XLink BT: Lets you make and receive cell phone calls on your regular home phones

The cool part is that if your phone supports it you can set each of your cell phones to have a distinctive ring. The idea of the regular BT version is to help you eliminate your land line and just use cell phones. Both let you make use of the free nights and weekends and long distance on your cell phone. It also helps for long distance by routing your long distance calls through their system. You can make calls using your cell phone by simply hitting the flash button before the call. The downside is that you need to press one of the 3 buttons on the device to set which phone is going to make the call if you have multiple cell phones setup.

I am definitely going to be checking this out! I used to use a Uniden home phone that had Bluetooth but it was primitive compared to the XLink system.

You can find the devices at Amazon (BTTN Device & BT Device) and on the XLink website at XLink seems to have lower prices but Amazon has a pretty liberal return policy and free shipping which makes me favor them even if it is a few bucks more.

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  1. Interesting that appears to sell them cheaper than!?

    • Yeah I know its pretty weird. On the other hand I like Amazon for these types of purchases since they will let you return just about everything if you are not happy with it. Thats the reason I mentioned it. If you are sure you will like it buying direct from XLink is a better bet.

  2. Maybe I’m just not paying attention, but how is that thing useful? I can take my cell phone everywhere, including inside my own home. Why would I want to pick up a cell phone call on the landline handset instead of the cell phone itself? Confusing!

  3. If you get a bad reception in parts of the house then put your cell on the roof within 30ft of the XLink an you’ll then be ok all over the house via your 6 existing handsets that remain charged in their cradles unlike your cell phone would in your pocket, especially when it keeps trying to re-establish a signal in the basement 😉

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