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Rumor: BlackBerry Storm v2 Coming in September? Adding Wi-Fi & More?

storm_coming Now this one came straight out of left field but SlashGear is swearing that this informant is reputable. According to their source Verizon gave the go ahead for RIM to release a Storm v2 refresh in September of this year with the addition of Wi-Fi and other more consumer oriented features? That is interesting since the Storm was released less than a year ago… On the other hand this could just be a feature bump like the 8300 to the 8310 & 8320…

Taking a step back this really does make me scratch my head. RIM is finally starting to have a stable OS line for the Storm with OS 113 and that is not even officially released yet. Should they really be setting up for a new device with the current OS still in limbo? I also assumed that the next touchscreen BlackBerry would be in the Bold form-factor with a keyboard.

Sound off in the comments… Maybe the Storm 2 will finally be called the Thunder. I always liked that name. Personally I am not big on posting such loose rumors but this one should lead to a fun discussion. 🙂

via MobileCrunch

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  1. I just don’t understand why it was left out in the first place. Wi-Fi, IMO, should be a staple in smart phones.

  2. The CDMA carriers seem to like neglecting wifi in order to push their reliable “EVDO”.

  3. Kitch, you are right, i mean i work at a verizon store and i dont’ see why the left it out in the first place. it’s not like T-mobile you can get the phone and not have the DATA. Can’t wait for the Storm 2.

  4. I also do not understand why VZW doesn’t allow wifi on BlackBerrys.You have to have the DATA plan,so having wifi cant take money away from them.I can’t see ow it does at least.

  5. With the integrated chips out these days, having wifi in addition to what is in the Storm now would have cost mere pennies more.
    I have a 8830 and a 9530 and no matter how much BG rags RIM for no wifi on CDMA BlackBerry smartphones I just don’t care to have it in my phone. The ONLY use I can see is data service in buildings that have poor cellular but good wifi inside. Yeah, that’s like 1 place I visit maybe once every 3 years. And to be honest, Storm doesn’t need ANYTHING else slowing down its already sluggish processing.

  6. Cost isn’t the issue. They charge more for everything than the other carriers. They’ll get the money back. I saw that the Omnia by Verizon has wifi. They won’t do uma. They claim that it is not needed because of their network, and it is the best network. But, some of us live in rural areas or work in building that obstruct signal. They can’t fight this forever. Also, they can’t fight the gps fight forever. Gps is used for more than just nav now.

  7. Sprint claims the exact same thing and they charge far less than verizon…

  8. When is this Magical Device going to be available?

  9. @Queen4111: did you read the two essential words in the subject of this article that directly address your question? “Rumor” and “September”.

  10. I can say that (because I actually have a “storm 2” in my posession, and no, I will not send you pictures or information, so noone ask) this is what the original storm should have been, and there is no excuse that it was not…namely, the design. The 95 series design is pathetic in the front/bottom of the device (read: the keys).
    The “storm 2” (and no, that is not the release name) still isn’t the ultimate touchscreen blackberry, however, it is getting closer.
    Still wouldn’t trade it for a physical qwerty tho.

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