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SHAPE IM+, RDM+, TSMobile, VNC+, VR+ & More – Now $19.99 Until May 1st

im_triple A bit back I mentioned to SHAPE that their products are a bit pricey compared to other applications. SHAPE responded to me today with a great Spring Sale they have going where 8 of their most popular applications are reduced to $19.99 for a limited time. There are some pretty good deals here especially since SHAPE practically OWNS the market for remote desktop tools for your BlackBerry.

This includes:

You can find them all at the links above!

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  1. Hi, says RDM+ does NOT support Storm, but it does. I have been using it for a while now on Verizon Storm 9530 and it works great!

    Links to download for Storm is at:

    It says 9500, but it works on both 9500 and 9530 🙂

  2. Might have to finally pick up RDM+….

  3. I just got mine and love it better then beejive

  4. VR+ is my favorite one. I’ve done a review of it.

  5. For some reason the berryreview store gave me an ancient build of RDM+ for the trial, which gave me the wrong impression about the app…

    v3.7.7 instead of v4.0+

  6. How does this VNC client differ from the free VNC viewer? Is it actually worth the premium?

  7. Nevermind, guess there’s a demo to try.

    This VNC client seems much more robust, and doesn’t crash near as often as the free one. Seems a little quicker, too.

  8. I bought IM+ years ago. I like it!

  9. This really pisses me off. I paid FIFTY DOLLARS ($50) for my IM+

    If they’re going to sell it for $20 now, they should give me a free IM+ for Skype, or something… geez

    • Uh, sales happen… Do retailers normally refund you $ if something goes on sale a year after you bought it?

      • New and improved version for less than half of what I paid.

        Sorry, I’m not real big on taking it in the ass…

        Doesn’t work very well anyway, you can’t open a dialog simply by clicking the avatar, you have to do it through the menu, and you STILL can’t rename contacts…

        Then again, I paid $50 for this, so maybe I’m the idiot

        • I am always very reluctant to pay large sums of money for software. Especially since it is attached to the device and is often lost if you switch to another platform. My personal limit is $20. If it’s higher than that amount then it has to be something I really need.

          But still, a deal is a deal. If you were willing to pay $50 then it must have been worth it to you at the time. No one coerced you.

  10. I was looking for.a remote control solution a while ago and opted for VNC+. It works okay if you stick with native VNC protocol but is way too slow tunneled over SSH. I had to implement a cgi screen that only opens VNC port to my source IP. Maybe RDM is the better way to go now.

  11. One thing to keep in mind: it seems that Shape services products all require to “phone home” so they will stop working if shape goesw out of business. This is a given for something like RDM but VNC shouldn’t require this.

  12. Btw, those interested in VR+ might want to also consider NOTE2SELF. It is not equal in features but is less expensive and might fill your requirements.

  13. I purchased IM+ a while ago, and I really never thought it was very stable. Although it would work, it would stop working for no reason, even when I wasn’t using the phone. I’m much happier with the AIM client released off of RIM’s site now that it works on my ATT phone. Shape has nice support people though.

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