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BlackBerry App World Updated to v1.0.0.27 – Hopefully Fixes Issues

blackberryappworld222It looks like I am not the only one experiencing some glitches with performance in the BlackBerry App World. Our buddy Kyle at BBCool spotted the fact that RIM has updated the application from v1.0.0.26 to v1.0.0.27.

Here is to hoping it works better now…

You can re-download the App World to get the latest version at:

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  1. No automatic update? You have got to be joking.

  2. Yeah but I can’t say I am surprised 🙂

    • The official language of App World must be “Engrish”…

      ” To use BlackBerry App World, you require a service plan that includes access to the BlackBerry Browser.”

      Don’t they mean “we require…”?

      Also, there is no OTA link I could find, and the link to “buy/start shopping” takes me to a very un-helpful link to buy a BlackBerry device. Hello, RIM: I *have* a BlackBerry device! I just want to download the app store from my device, not buy a new device.

  3. Where did they get the picture of facebook?? I’ve yet to see that app on there.

  4. Just downloaded and it was actually version So the update has been updated!

  5. Really? I just tried to dl and it still said

    • Could it have something to do with the devices we are using? I have a sprint curve 8330.

      It is definitely I went from .26 so I have no idea if there is any difference.

      not a guru here, just thought it was interesting that it was a different version number

  6. i just upgraded, and it still sucks. i purchased frogger and now, it’s disappeared from my list of applications on the “my world” tab. guess i’ll stick with other means of purchasing software until rim can get it together.

  7. I just downloaded Ummm… Its the same thing as before.

  8. At least it now works on the Vodafone UK Storm. Wey Hey! Someone’s remembered the poor thing. Might dust it off now if anything works on it. Or maybe it’ll just seal a less savory fate.

  9. I downloaded this a few days ago (version, and was happy to see iHeartRadio listed for my 8830 WE. I had previously tried to download iHeartRadio for my phone directly, and it said my model wasn’t supported. I was able to download it, install it, and got it working right away. Today I noticed it hangs on ‘Fetching Stations…’, so I uninstalled it. I noticed this update, so I downloaded the app world version (I see no difference), but even after reinstalling iHeartRadio, it hangs on ‘fetching stations…’. I did notice (with both versions) that this app uses a lot of memory (2-3MB), and on my 8830, I teeter on 3-4 free at any given moment…is this normal?

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