FAQ: App World Features: Only Transfer PIN’s 3 Times A Year & More

blackberryappworld222 One of the cool features in the new BlackBerry App World is that it (supposedly) keeps all of your applications that you installed in a “My World” section of the app. It looks like there are a few limitations to that feature that I never heard before so I thought I would share.

  • The application can transfer your registration to a new PIN only 3 times a year (Subject to change) [source]
  • Free applications and trial downloads will not be stored in your My World if you change devices [source]
  • INTERESTING: If an application in the BlackBerry App World storefront is found to be potentially harmful or malicious RIM will remove it. If you purchased it within 90 days you will get a refund within 30 days of it being removed otherwise you are screwed. [source]
  • If an item is not compatible with the new BlackBerry smartphone, the item is grayed out with an option to contact vendor support [source]
  • Each item purchased by a BlackBerry smartphone user is recorded in the My World profile and is linked with the your PayPal account [source]
  • There are 2 different IT policies that BES administrators can set on your BlackBerry for the App World. They can either totally disable it or just disable the ability to download anything not developed by RIM. [source]
  • INTERESTING: RIM clearly states that there will be different applications available to you based on these rules: [source]
    • The application is not supported on a BlackBerry smartphone model
    • The application is not supported on a particular version of the BlackBerry Device Software
    • The application is not available to a specific wireless service provider
  • The App World will give you a warning if you try to install an application with less than 5Mb of free memory available. It looks like you will have the option to install anyways though. [source]

I am kind of worried about the fact that you cannot change your PIN more than 3 times a year. Most users wont care but I change devices about every month or two. Kind of disappointing that it does not store your installed free applications but I guess that information is stored at PayPal and they don’t know about the free apps…

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