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Shazam Music Recognition App Released: Free Until May 31st!

The first thing I noticed when firing up the new BlackBerry App World is that Shazam has finally been released for BlackBerry. We now have a free (until may 31st) music ID/recognition application for BlackBerry. From what the app says it should be $4.99 for life after May 31st but I could be wrong. Check it out in the app store since there is no direct download link for the app!

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  1. Hope they release a OTA link for non US, non Uk residents (the only ones permitted to use app store as for now) 🙁

  2. I was excited to download it then i found out its not BB Storm compatible 🙁

  3. Am I being thick? Where is the download?

  4. You’re not. There is no link provided. You can find it in the AppStore if you’re from USA/UK as far as I know. I can’t get it because of that. 🙁

  5. Oh. Well sadly despite being in the UK I can not download the app store. Don’t think its compatible with orange uk 🙁

    • I am with Orange UK and had the same problem in the morning. It keeps telling me my BlackBerry Bold is a “device that is not supported”. But in the afternoon I disabled the firewall on the Bold and restarted the phone, then tried again. It worked. I now have App World installed and downloaded some free stuff (not much though) on there.

  6. Honestly, as much as I love Shazam on the iPhone, I think it’s complete crap that they’re going to charge for the BlackBerry app. Why the heck do iPhone people get it for free and we don’t? Grrrrr

  7. In setting up the app, I believe it said that after the initial free period, you could still tag music without paying the fee.

  8. When i searched on app store no application found.

  9. I also cannot find the app in the store. I searched but nothing comes up.

  10. Ok you guys are gonig to love me. jk. i found a link go here and enter your email address and it will send you a link. then you can click menu to open through the bb world app and it will let you down load it.

  11. sorry click this link click on shazam then go confirm your selections at the bottom and it will then ask you to enter your email.

  12. so it’s a 5USD / 5GBP application, with a free trial until May 31st.

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