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HOT! BlackBerry App World Officially Launches!

BlackBerryAppWorld RIM just officially unleashed the BlackBerry App World as of this minute. Version of the app world is available in the US, UK, & Canada currently. It does not have that many applications but it looks pretty nice and slick.

You can pick it up now free at this link OTA:

Oh and guess what Shazam is in there!

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  1. Wicked. Just got it and got Shazam right away. It is amazing.

  2. Well I just tried to download it.. and there is no joy for Mexicans Berry aficionados 🙁 Carrier not supported… Blackberry Bold on Telcel

    Lame lame lame.. at least they should have copied all the good from the Iphone Appstore (at least its supported down here on Mexico).

  3. Lame, not available globally. One day companies will realise the world is a much smaller place than it used to be and releases such endeavours everywhere at once.

  4. Notice
    Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support BlackBerry App World.

    Not even available in the UK? Shoddy shoddy shoddy 🙁

  5. Well certainly not on orange Uk

  6. Stupid idea for RIM shareholders not making it global – only means that the other App stores will continue to dominate.

    The stupid decisions by RIM continue to amaze me. If they didn’t have a decent core product they would have gone belly up years ago. They just seem to like living on a knife edge…

  7. OK, as happy as I was to see this, 3 things that are really making me mad….

    1. PayPal as the only way to pay? Seriously? PayPal sucks so bad. What a horrible choice RIM

    2. $2.99 starting price (when the app’s not free)? Not to sound cheap, but that’s a ripoff.

    3. Now way to only view free apps? What a pain.

    I know at least 1 & 2 aren’t new news to us, but still upsetting to see that it’s true.

  8. “It does not have that many applications”
    Whatcha talkin’ ’bout Willis? There’s like already 3 fart apps for $2.99 each.
    At 0945 EDT as I’m writing this:
    Entertainment 19 <—- fart apps here
    Games 116
    Maps & Nav 4
    Music & Video 9
    News & Weather 17
    Personal Finance & Banking 10
    Personal Health & Wellness 9
    Productivity & Utilities 99
    Professsional & Business 12
    Reference & eBooks 37
    Social Networiking & Sharing 16
    Sports & Recreation 35
    Travel 7
    390 is a good start.

    What has disappointed ME the most so far in browsing around is the high number of “apps” that are really only URL shortcut icons. IMHO RIM should banish these to either their own separate category or completely off the “World” at all.

  9. Perhaps all you “world” folks griping and complaining about unavailability should be GLAD you’re not the guinea pigs! undoubtedly RIM will expand the “App World” to more locales.

  10. Good idea, but does not work on those older blackberries that have a track wheel, so can’t install it on my 8703e

  11. Ronen, you should update the main post to say that OS 4.2 is required. I believe that was what it said.

  12. @Gil,
    Verizon offers a 4.2.1 OS for the 8703e, so you SHOULD be able to use App World if you upgrade your device firmware. You can get it here:

    • I have installed on by device, when I went to run the APP World a box came up and said will not work with thumbwheel. So I guess I have to wait for the Niagra unit to come out..

  13. That sucks Gil. Good news I guess is Niagra isn’t too far off. I’m waiting for it too to replace this 8830.

    I guess RIM wants developers to not have to support the old trackwheel hardware. There are plenty of other app stores you can shop for your 8703e though, try the new crackberry on device app store.

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