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Iambic Health & Diet Manager For BlackBerry

Iambic Health & Diet Manager is a hefty application at 1.5mb but it does have some interesting features I have not seen in similar applications. Its kind of like having a electronic nutritionist in your pocket. It gives you health information about the food you eat along with giving you a way to track and monitor your caloric intake. Its a bit pricey at $19.95 (with a free trial from what I can tell) but still if you use it the app is well worth it just as a way to log your calories instead of using the memo application.

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From the description:

When you’re constantly on the go and dealing with the demands of your hectic life, usually it’s nutrition that gets put on the back burner. Quick and convenient can often end up replacing smart and healthy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, you can actually take control of your health and nutrition using an approach that is quick, convenient and smart – with Health & Diet Manager for BlackBerry.
This handy app keeps you “in the know” on all kinds of things, like how many calories you need to consume on a daily basis to lose (or maintain) weight. Or how many calories and grams of fat are in that egg muffin sandwich with cheese and sausage (486 calories/31g fat) you grabbed for breakfast. Or that walking for 45 minutes during lunch burns about the same number of calories as a small Veggie Delite sandwich from Subway. Or that the protein count in that particular sandwich, 9g, will surely having you running for the snack machine by mid-afternoon.
Armed with Health & Diet Manager, you’ll be able to make smarter meal and exercise choices today and everyday.

Tracking the Essentials…

  • Recent studies have shown the benefits of logging calories consumed. “It seems that the simple act of writing down what you eat encourages people to consume fewer calories,” said Jack Hollis, Ph.D., the lead author/researcher of a study for Kaiser Permanente.
  • With Health & Diet Manager, you can keep track of what you ate and how many calories you expended while working out. It also helps you keep track of other health-related vitals, such as resting pulse, blood pressure, and hours slept.

Leveraging Your BlackBerry – Quick, Convenient & Smart

  • This version of Health & Diet Manager has been specially designed for use with BlackBerry devices such as the Bold, Curve, Pearl, and Storm. Users will enjoy the convenience of one-handed navigation, which allows quick movement through the various screens and menus.
  • See for yourself how Health & Diet Manager provides the essentials you need to proactively pursue a healthier lifestyle, gain more energy and accomplish more than you ever imagined.
  • With Health & Diet Manager, you’ll be able to:
  • Tap into robust food item and menu databases that can be easily customized to speed the meal logging process.
  • See how many calories are expended for a variety of exercise activities and get a better appreciation of how much time you should ideally spend exercising to achieve optimal results.
  • Easily track health-related data in addition to logging meal and exercise activities.
  • Give yourself regular checkups and see at a glance the progress you’ve made towards achieving the health and nutritional goals you’ve established.
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  1. “This version of Health & Diet Manager has been specially designed for use with BlackBerry devices such as the Bold, Curve, Pearl, and Storm.”

    And yet they didn’t think it might be a good idea to have the data in a file that could be put on the media card? 1.5 Mb is way too much main memory to use.

    • I agree — it looks like a really nice, useful app that I would love to try out and would probably not bat an eye at the price… It would be well worth it. Except for the size. I can’t afford to install a 1.5 MB app on my memory-deficient 8830. So until they reduce the size to 25-30% of the current size and allow users to store the database and user data on the micro SD card, I won’t be trying or buying it. I’d stick with memos or calendar entries and the variety of free mobile calorie- and exercise-counters available on the web before I’d install something that big. Iambic needs to put this app on a diet!

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