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CTIA Begins Tomorrow – RIM To Finally Release App World?

ctialogo Just as a heads up in case you did not know. CTIA begins tomorrow and there will probably be a slew of news and announcements along with the event. CTIA is a large wireless trade show where companies come to show off their new wireless products and services.

RIM recently started a big push to get people registered for their app store. I received over 3 emails from them so far asking me to register to “be the first to know.” 🙂 It looks like things are ramping up to a release especially since we are getting to the end of Spring 2009… Maybe RIM will even drop the bomb on the 9630 we have been hearing so much about and an official announcement for BES 5.0.

The BoyGenius also seems to have some rumors about WES 2009 which is coming in early May. Looks like an AT&T 8900 Curve is due along with maybe an announcement of the 9630. BES 5.0 will definitely be announced by then since they have sessions dedicated to it already. There are also rumblings of LTE BlackBerrys being shown…

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