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ToySoft Location Profiler: Automatic Location Based Profile Switching

locationprofile ToySoft let me know about their Location Profiler application and I noticed we had not mentioned it before. Location Profiler is another cell tower location based automatic profile switching application. It lets you assign up to 5 cell tower ID’s to each profile switch so that your phone automatically switches profiles when your phone connects to those towers. Location Profiler suffers from the same caveat as other profile switching applications where it cannot change the profile if the phone is locked or in a holster. On the other hand this app will vibrate and/or make a sound to let you know to un-holster it so that it can switch profiles. Not a bad application for $7.95. You can pick up a free trial OTA at (Storm OTA | All others OTA).

From the product description:

Automatically change sound profile when you arrive or leave your home or the office or any location. Location Profiler uses the network cell tower information to manage your profiles.  When arrive at a location Profiler will automatically change the profile.  Optionally you can set up a profile when you leave the location.  Example would be from Home going to the Office.

Note: Location Profiler will not change the Profile if the BlackBerry® is in the Holster or keyboard locked.  You will get a vibrate and/or sound to notify you to un-holster or unlock the device.


  • Supports GSM and CDMA networks
  • Each profile can have “Arrive” and “Leave” profile
  • Supports Custom profiles
  • Assign custom ringtone or sound when you arrive at a location
  • Automatically gather cell id for the current location
  • Assign up to 5 different cell ids per profile
  • Optionally vibrate when device is in Holster
  • Optionally vibrate when keyboard is locked
  • Optionally use Location Profiler internal keyboard locking for the system keyboard work around
  • on Storm you can set to change wall paper
  • Turn on and off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with our Profiler application
  • Very easy to use
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  1. what other location based profilers or even time based profilers are available other than this? just curious. thanks!

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