RIM Trying to Promote Earth Hour to BlackBerry Users

earthhour Talk about a confusing move by RIM. They have never really been a “Green” promoting company but I guess even they cannot resist getting in on the action… Now they are trying to promote Earth Hour and turning off your lights on Saturday March 28th at 8:30-9:30 PM at your local time. At least they are not trying to convince you to turn your BlackBerry off.

Seriously though. I never really understood these conventions about earth hour? What do they hope to accomplish? The power plants are still going to be making the electricity that you are not using… I find myself confused about how environmentalists had us going from worrying about global cooling to worrying about global warming to now worrying about global cooling DUE to global warming… but I digress.

Check out RIM’s promotional site for Earth Hour at earthhour.msite.tv. The funny part is that the site only seems to work on Pearl, Bold, Curve, Storm, 8800, & 8900 browsers. All others seem to be too old and lead to a apology screen. I guess RIM is subtly telling you to upgrade. 🙂

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  1. I applaud their efforts. Doesn’t hurt. Really, if a gazillion people turn off their lights for an hour, it would probably be noticed on the electric companies’ records. I think it would be cool to see ‘lights-out’ from space.

    As far as changing the world, well, we live in apathy. Yesterday, yet another study showed that eating dead animals can increase your risk of cancer and/or heart disease by ~20%, and near 50% for women. Will people stop eating death? No. Well, maybe some will.

    If you couldn’t tell, I’m a vegan.

  2. I guess this may mean that they want you to turn off your Blackberry, so you don’t notice that the NOC is down for upgrades.

  3. The point of earth hour is to demonstrate visibly to “those in power” (pun not intended) that people want action not words on environmental issues.

    The space pics from last year are pretty cool. And, there is a registrable difference for the power companies – at least here in the land of oz.

    BTW – I’m not affiliated with WWF at all. I am just frustrated with the greenies pushing for cleaner power but blocking nuclear energy at every turn.

  4. @Ronen : thank god that there are some that do realise what its all about…


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