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RIM Only Has 10% of Mobile Web Traffic Worldwide

I always knew that iPhone users browse the web more than BlackBerry users but I didn’t know there was such a large margin. It looks like iPhone users browse the web more than BlackBerry users in a 3:1 ratio according to the ad metrics provided by AdMob. The breakdown is:


RIM comes in 3rd place after Symbian and the iPhone. In the US RIM has a 21% share but that is nothing compared to the iPhone’s 50% share:


RIM really needs to work on the BlackBerry browsing experience if they want to up these numbers. Especially in the US where RIM was the #1 mobile browsing device in August 2008.

via Admob via Techcrunch

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  1. Those statistics are so off due entirely to one thing… RIM compresses it’s web traffic data and the iToy does not. ATT’s network is so overloaded due to the iToy and all its uncompressed data! I forgot where I read it, but it takes roughly 20 Bolds to equal the data usage of one iToy. I think if you took the compression factor into account that the figures would be a lot closer.

  2. Does this compensate for Opera Mini users?

  3. I agree. On the Bold, you can use multiple web browsers and they all have awesome compressions unlike the iPhone.
    The factor is 20x…do the math.

  4. Might also be because BlackBerries are primarily business devices, and iPhones are less so.

    Be interesting to see what e-mail volumes are on BB VS iPhone.

  5. I think RIM needs an award for keeping data usage so low. At the developer conference they made it clear that a good mobile platform is one that uses very little data. They have kicked butt at getting to this point. It is true the iPhone requires about 20 times the amount of data as a BlackBerry. I say good job.

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