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Google Mobile App Adds Search by Voice & My Location

googlesearch Paul let me know that Google just added some new features to their Mobile App. The new version brings voice search and searches based on “My Location” which uses cell towers for your location. Pretty cool for a free application and definitely ups the usefulness of the app. On the other hand the app really started to get bloated at 600Kb+.

You can pick up the app free at

via Google Mobile Blog via LifeHacker

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  1. Cool! Nice catch!!

  2. The voice search is surprisingly efficient! I set my left side convenience key to open the search and then I can just say a restaurant and it searches! Awesome for searching while driving

  3. Amazingly accurate. This is a wonderful addition.

  4. After installing and attempting the voice search, I got an error screen saying Try Restarting Google Mobile App. Of course, even when I exit, it is still running in the background so there is no way to actually restart it except…. rebooting! But that didn’t help either.
    Verizon 8330 Curve – anyone having similar difficulty?

    • VZW BlackBerry 8330
      same problem
      when holding down the green phone i get a popup “Try restarting Google Mobile App” even when I tried the left conv key
      I “EXIT” and restart Google Mobile App and get the same, and then on a reboot, same
      I don’t have the GPS but the My Location shows the proper ZIP

      • VZW BlackBerry 8330
        OK NOW…..
        I happen to leave the Google Mobile App open with the curser in the text search field, I saw that it was communicating, I tried the “search by voice”
        IT WORKS..
        I guess we just have to wait a bit

    • I have BB 8330, Verizon. Before I upgraded my OS to 4.5, voice search worked great. After the upgrade, it stopped working. I have tried every suggestion without success. Too bad, I love the app when it functioned properly.

  5. voice search it not working when using wifi only.

  6. Wi fi only prob not working becaue it searches cell towers for location. Turn location off in settings.

  7. I wish there was a google app for the storm and if there is I can’t find it…

  8. According to the comments on the Google Mobile blog, it might work to use this address to access the jad directly:

  9. Getting the same Error (try restart google app) curve 8330 Telus. Hope it will be fixed soon.

  10. those two features are not available for Storm devices yet…

  11. I am a verizon 8330 curve user and I am getting the same error popup that other people are getting. Even when I reboot, it still says the same thing 🙁

  12. Working great on Bell 8330 (

  13. Can ANYONE tell me what the “Google Domain” field for under Options. Please and thanks!

  14. Ok I got this to work on my 8330 curve, telus. What I did is updated my os from .77 to .131 and then dl google again….Bam it works great. Hope this help out.

  15. Carrier: Verizon
    Model: 8330
    OS: .77

    I tried everyting on this thread to no avail. I then deleted google mobile app and google maps, upgraded my os to .131, reinstalled google mobile app and all is functioning as expected now….slick stuff. Then reinstalled google maps, got the interprocess comm error. Rebooted (either method) and confirmed all still functioning as expected.

    For the upgrade I used the instructions at:

    Hope this works for some/all….good luck!

    -Brett Freeman

  16. I just upgraded to from here:
    And now the voice search works!!

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