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More BlackBerry Application Suite Details & Administration Guide Leaked

We told you about the BlackBerry Application Suite (BAS awhile back as a way that RIM will allow you to virtualized the BlackBerry OS on Windows Mobile & Symbian devices in the future. RIM was supposed to release this in 2007 but I guess they are finally getting close. Sadly from what my sources are telling me it looks like there is a big chance that BAS will be for BlackBerry Enterprise Server users only. I got my hands on a copy of the BAS Administration Guide and that seems to hint to the same thing. On the other hand I have been seeing two different copies of BAS around one labeled as a Professional version and one as a Enterprise version… In short I am still confused. 🙂

If you are interested in more details you can catch the BlackBerry Application Suite Administration guide below:

image3 image4 image5

image6 image7 image8

image9 image10 image11

image12 image13

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  1. Hmmm…so if it’s only for BES, I can see the carriers jumping up and down to get this ought there on their WinMo devices ASAP! They already charge a premium on BlackBerry plans for BES versus BIS, so this would let them expand that premium to more users.

  2. Ugh, another abbreviation. BAS the BlackBerry Application Suite, not to be confused with BAS the BlackBerry Administration Service.

  3. You know, that is a drag. My employer has thousands of people connected to their BES servers. All of them are restricted/controlled accounts, used by our support staff. They will never be able to download and install anything, unless the company decides to. And if so, the company will go ahead and install it for them. I will never be connected to/controlled by our BES, even though I could, because my BlackBerry Bold is my own; I pay my phone bill myself.

    I realize that the BAS is simply a knee-jerk reaction to the iPhone app store; why can’t they go one better, and simply make the BAS a secure website, with a cool custom interface, that anyone could get to?

    Honestly, I don’t need an app store – I can go to the web and get anything I want/need. I thought the BAS was going to be something great. Seems like it is going to be a Handmark clone wrapped up in BES.

  4. My guess: 1 version is for regular BIS users and does not allow for integration with a BES, while the other is for enterprise users. Simple as that.

    I’m still not sure this is the best way for them to go. This now detaches the blackberry service from the hardware, meaning the hardware will have to be that much more competitive. Right now, there’s nothing that great rolling out of Waterloo (Niagra is no big evolution), so this could really be a big boon to HTC and other WinMo manufacturers.

  5. Okay, I’m confused. What does BAS really do? I could be misreading this, but it looks like this would be installed on a Windows Mobile device, and emulate a BlackBerry OS. Does this mean I could get a Windows Mobile phone, and still use BlackBerry Messenger, PIN messaging, and other BlackBerry specific stuff? As an IT consultant that works with both Windows Mobile and BlackBerry users, having a dual-purpose device would make my life so much easier…

  6. hey. any new on this app? im really interested and its taken its time!! do you guys know ANYTHING that can at least hold me up?
    and for some reason i think it will support BIS, but guide is more BES oriented, cuz thats the only server direct consumers may take part.

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