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SmrtGuard Public Beta: Anti-Theft & Phone Backup Software

smrtguard Tom let me know that SmrtGuard is now in public beta with some very interesting features. It comes with the regular anti-theft features like finding your BlackBerry if it is lost and remotely wiping it or making it sound off so you can find it. The cooler part is that it also lets you backup your BlackBerry OTA so you can easily switch devices or export your backup data.

SmrtGuard can backup your contacts, memos, tasks, events, call logs, & emails to their servers. It will backup thousands of contacts and the pictures for your contacts too! You can also set it to be an emergency button that lets you hold down the menu key for 5 seconds and it will email, SMS, or phone people letting them know you need help.

The location features on the device are through GPS and it will gracefully fall back on cell phone tower triangulation if it is indoors or your device does not have GPS.

Check out the details at this link or download the beta at this link

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  1. Got a java exception error on OTA download to both 9530 and 8830, but it SEEMS to be running.

  2. Backing up on their servers? Why would I want my personal data, phone numbers etc to be backeed up on SmrtGuards Server? This is weired. Itw ould be nice if it can be backed up on the SD card, so that SD card can be used in other device, install the SmrtGuard Software onto the new device and restore the data back to the new device and viola!

    How abt that? I would not like my personal contacts etc. to be backed up on some 3rd party server.


    • Kind of defeats the purpose though if the device is lost/stolen to have the information backed up onto the microSD card.
      I do however share your concerns about having even more of my information stored on some companys’ server.
      However, keep in mind that 3rd party applications that you use such as BeeJive and others use that companies server as well, so that information is just as easy to be compromised as well.

  3. Also note: you must have a “native” email address on your device for the important features to work. You get this message if you do not have a “native” address on your device:

    “you will NOT be able to use the remote tracking, remote wipe, and audio ping features.
    you WILL be able to use the on-device FollowMe and over the air backup and restore features.”

    I know a lot of people never sign up for that “native” email account. Well, you’ll have to now if you want to test this thing out.

  4. @webchetan:
    I wouldn’t call that “weird”. Some people NEED a way to backup, but I agree with your underlying premise about trusting these folks with your info.

    You can set backup frequency to “Never” and problem solved.

  5. I tried it but the backup would always fail… so I took it off my Sprint 8330. Rather keep personal items back up on my own system.

  6. Don’t use BeeJive. I just am comfortable backing my data on my laptop rather than any 3rd party server.

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