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FAQ: Comparing BES 5.0 With Previous Versions

Many people are wondering what BES 5.0 will bring now that all of the details seem to be in the open. One of our Secret Agents sent in a nice little document that shows some great charts detailing the differences between BES 5.0 and other BES version dating back to version 1.6! Its a great read if you want to easily see the differences. Just click on the 3 images below to see the charts.

bes50_1 bes50_2 bes50_3

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  1. Wow, superb find.

  2. Ironically this doesn’t seem to be in any of the information available to the BES 5 beta testers (unless I’m missing it somewhere).

  3. Not sure if this is an actual RIM document or something someone put together, but this is great regardless.

  4. @All
    I can confirm that this definitely is a RIM created guide but I have no idea why they have not made it available to all their beta testers. If you want I can upload the cover page and credits RIM has at the end but I just did not find them that relevant… On the other hand the rest of the document is extremely useful which is why I thought it would be great to share! 🙂
    This kind of chart makes pitching an upgrade to BES 5.0 much more compelling.

  5. @ Ronen
    No need for that. Doesn’t matter to me one way or another where it came from to be honest with ya. =-)
    I was just going to say that someone had waaaayyyyyyyy too much time on their hands to create that if it wasn’t RIM and was going to thank them to end.
    Like you said, this great to have all of this in one place where you can lay it out in front of someone and say “look, here’s what you have, and here’s what you’re missing (going to be missing).

    Again, great find.

  6. Sure wish forwarding calendar entries would come to a BIS near me…but that’s the only end user improvement I see that would be useful for me.

  7. Cool stuff !

    But what about all those notes that is refered to ? You know, those little numbers 1, 2, 3 and so on ?

    Where´s the explanation ?

  8. Is there a comparable chart for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino since sometimes BES features are available in one platform but not the other?

  9. @csc
    I have the ibm lotus notes chart if you want me to post it. I just thought it was more or less the same… Let me know

    • If there is any difference between the Domino version and this one, I’d love to get those. Accuracy leads to fewer embarrassments!

  10. This is very cool comparison. Thanks for sharing!

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