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US Cellular To Upgrade BIS 2.6 Tomorrow

Jacob let me know that US Cellular is going to be the first US carrier to upgrade to BIS 2.6 tomorrow. Other international carriers have already upgraded but its a welcome change. Hopefully AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, & Sprint will follow closely in their footsteps. Nothing really crazy new in this update but still worth a heads up. I am just glad that RIM finally fixed their Gmail integration so you don’t have to jump through workarounds to get it to function properly.

Details about the upgrade:

Existing Customers:  Any existing customers who have a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) account as of March 21, 2009 (Midnight) will automatically get the the update without having to do anything.
For Existing Gmail Users:  Subscribers who have a Gmail account integrated prior to the launch of BlackBerry Internet Service Email 2.6 and want to take advantage of the new IMAP features will need to delete and reintegrate their Gmail account. 
New Customers: Any new subscribers who are activated as of March 21, 2009 and set up a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) account will automatically benefit from the enhancements.

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  1. AT&T will be rolled out on the 21st as well.

  2. Any one know about T-Mo?

  3. Verizon is updating 21st as well. BIS outage from 12am – 6am 3/21/09

  4. All North American carriers should be updated as it’s not an incremental update, the update covers “The Americas”.

  5. How would you know what BIS you got?

  6. Will it update on T-Mobile too?

  7. Yes. Tmobile too. All us servers will be updated by Rim.

  8. Thats good news. But how would we know its been updated to 2.6?


  9. At&t is currently running BIS 2.6, all you need to do is go to the BIS page: and delete your gmail account and re-add it. It will set it up for IMAP automatically.

  10. So Im noticing that the new BIS 2.6 with gmail is VERY SLOW. Before when i would get an email it would take around 3 seconds before my phone recieved it, now im going on 5 minutes plus before I get those ever increasing important emails. Is there a way to speed it up?

  11. It may be slow, I know the tmobile site is slow since the upgrade. But, the emails seem to be coming thru as quick as before with gmail for me at least. Within 2 to 6 seconds (removed and readded the account). I do like the autoread part now, and obviously dont need to setup a filter to kill the second message for gmail anymore 🙂 For those of you wondering if you are at 2.6, if you resend your service books, you will see a new header sent with the welcome message. It will say your email has been added, and have a footer from RIM. This is 2.6, but again, every CARRIER has been upgraded in the US last night.

  12. Gmail is still instant for me.

  13. Did you remove and readd it? It is almost instant for mee to, seems slower thouugh.

  14. before it was instant and now i dont even get the emails anymore. this is kinda sucks. besides the one-way syncing, what benefits from switching BIS with imap instead of pop?

  15. I dunno what happened. But deleting and re-adding my gmail account (I dont use the GMail app) royally screwed my calendar…..GAH!

  16. what exactly is bis 2.6? Excuse the ignorance

  17. it sucks cuz there is no way to go back to pop, even if i do the manual way, it defaults to imap server even if i use the pop setttings.

  18. i tried reintegrating my gmail accounts with t-mobile, and none of them were receiving mail afterward. after waiting for an hour and seeing no change, i went back and set it up leaving the password blank and then specifying the gmail imap server (the way i had it). oh well.

  19. Don’t know what to say. It has been great for me since the update with TMobile.

  20. It took a few hours of banging my head….But i finally got a message from to just re-enter my gmail password and since then all has been right with my BlackBerry e-mail…

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