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Hurry! 50 Free Unlock Codes for ANY Carrier From Unique Phones

uniquephonesIn case you missed the last two giveaways here is the last! The good guys at UniquePhones gave us some BlackBerry unlock codes to share with all of you. 50 unlock codes using the coupons below for any BlackBerry on ANY network. If you miss the giveaway, you can always pay for a unlock code from UniquePhones for reasonable prices. For example, the Bold unlock is only $19.99.

To get the unlock code for your AT&T or Rogers BlackBerry (turn around time has been a few minutes for many carriers):

  1. Head over to
  2. Select your BlackBerry
  3. Add the unlock to your cart
  4. Fill out the order information (IMEI & more) and select your carrier
  5. Use the following discount coupons:
    1. Coupon 1 (25 uses): BR-ATT-19A
    2. Coupon 2 (25 uses): BR-RCA-EDD

NOTE: Let us know if this discount works. It is first come first serve!

So what are you waiting for? Let us know in the comments when the coupon is used up or if you run into any problems.

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  1. Ah, got my hopes up! I hate how all the unlocking sites advertise ‘ANY’ carrier but neither support unlocking the BlackBerry Storm from Telus or Bell.

  2. It worked for my BB storm on Verizon!

  3. Excellent.. just got unlock BB from verizon.. Thanks !

  4. I got mine in under 5 minutes =D

  5. Amazing service, again, from UniquePhones!

  6. yay!! less than 3 minutes!

    do I remove my SIM during the unlock process for my 8100 or leave it in? turn off the antenna?

  7. Got my Bold unlocked in 2 minutes! Thanks!

  8. great…got mine in less than 3 minutes 🙂 Thanks BR!

  9. No mas…Ya’ll are quick.

  10. nothing for the curve 8900.. sad

  11. no love for my bold got late

  12. This doesn’t work for my service. I have a 8350i and I use it on Nextel and there is no option to select Nextel. So it doesn’t do ANY carrier…

    I emailed them and they said they don’t support Nextel service.

    So again. It doesn’t do ANY carrier…

  13. This is amazing! Igot mine for movistar (venezuela) in less than 2 minutes. Thanks to uniquephones and berryreview.

  14. maybe dont advertise it as any carrier next time? its a piss off when you go there and find out that none of these sites have unlock codes for telus or bell, i want to unlock my storm and sell it, but it wont happen for quite a long time it seems…thanks for nothing uniquephones…

    • @Timbatty
      Sorry if you were mislead by the “Any” part of the title but I checked the list and it was pretty exhaustive. I did not check every carrier since this is a giveaway but even carriers in Venezuela are included so I think it is not that far off. My deepest regrets if you did not manage to catch your carrier but this was free…

  15. BUMMER! Both codes are already all used.

  16. Now that’s service.
    I have had great experience with UniquePhones.
    Quick to supply codes and as you can see here, great client services.
    You guys are my only unlock source now.

  17. Great customer service by Unique Phones. Thanks again for all the assistance!

  18. I keep missing these lol.

  19. Maybe you should’ve mentioned also this for GSM phones and not for CDMA phones…

  20. So many whiners…wahhhhh

  21. Who the hell is whinning? I have to agree with you angie, you can’t unlock CMDA phones because there not locked.Its just the cdma carriers refuse to activate competitor phones.

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