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FAQ: How To Get Gmail Properly Setup Using IMAP

When I read articles like this on a respectable site like InformationWeek about Gmail not working well with BlackBerrys I thought it was time for a refresher course. I used to think that it was common knowledge that setting up Gmail to work on a BlackBerry was a bit more difficult. I guess not… So I thought I would bring it up again since an easier way to setup Gmail will only be available when BIS 2.6 is released later this month or next. Though BIS 2.6 has already been upgraded in other countries…

For now this is how to setup your BlackBerry to use IMAP to get your Gmail & Google Apps email and how to stop getting your own sent messages. You can find both of the solutions in previous FAQ that we have published at the links below:

Setting up Gmail to use IMAP is useful since then it saves your sent messages and it syncs the “Read/Unread” status from your BlackBerry to Gmail (one way). That means if you read an email on your BlackBerry it will show up as read on Gmail shortly thereafter.

So please if you have a friend who is struggling with their Gmail setup on their BlackBerry please let them know how to fix it. It is a shame that RIM has not done something about this in the past but they are finally correcting this in the upcoming release of BIS 2.6.

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  1. Thanks Ron. Gmail works flawlessly on my BlackBerry!

  2. I have gmail set up as an imap account. It works pretty well but there is a 5-13 minute lag in receiving emails and that’s not accepted.

    • To get the new updated features of the BIS with gmail you need to delete your account online (take note of your signature and filters) and add it back in again. I just did it and it’s FAST and deleting on the handheld actually deletes the gmail email. Sweet!

  3. I can’t see the point of Blackberry email for Gmail. Other than html email and upload attachments you can’t do anything on BIS. Better off with the gmail app, which allows you to manage, search etc your mailbox as on the desktop. Does anyone know how to manage your gmail account in Blackberry email ie archive, search, view folders, manage spam, etc?

  4. Does IMAP gMail prevent Facebook from working or is it just me.

  5. Any Facebook version prior to 1.5 is extremely buggy on a Blackberry, I doubt IMAP Gmail would have anything to do with it. I’m hoping that the new 1.5 Facebook will fix the myriad problems that come with previous versions.

    I agree with Bob, though. The Gmail app is quite easy to use and provides many more capabilities than accessing via IMAP. I can’t imagine why somebody would go the hard way when the app is so much easier.

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