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ePhoneNumbers Lets You Buy A Better/Vanity Phone Number…

ephonenumbers WARNING: ePhoneNumbers may be a scam. I got this email below from one of our readers and it seems to be a common thread on other forums. I tried emailing ePhoneNumbers for a comment twice and it has been over a week and I have not heard back.

SCAM ALERT!!! is a SCAM. Have you checked them out or heard from anyone who has used this company successfully, I’m guessing NO. I dare you to try and buy a phone number from them and then try to get it ported over so you can actually use it then report back to your subscribers how this worked out. Know one will ever answer their phone or know one will ever return a call to you if you leave a message. They will however sell you a phone number and email you a receipt for your purchase but they will not set up the porting correctly so you CAN”T use it. Also, the scam is so good that when you ask Paypal for a refund they will tell you they can’t issue a refund because it is considered a “Virtual Transaction” and they will not issue a refund. Most people will just give up without trying to get their money back and the scam just continues on. Please help me inform the public so they don’t get burned like I did. Thanks.

I just got an email from ePhoneNumbers that really perked my interest. When I signed up for service with AT&T and Verizon they did not give me much of a choice in terms of my phone number. AT&T gave me 5 options that all sucked and Verizon just assigned me one (That I suspect used to be a drug dealers number). ePhoneNumbers opens up the door for you to buy a better phone number and have it ported to your cellphone or home/business line instead of your current number. The process is not that clear and may take 10-20 days but this could be interesting for some people.

Too many people already know my number to change it but I could see this being really interesting for people who need a memorable number. For example, in NY they have 917-858-7575 for $70 or 315-553-3333 for $275.

Not sure exactly if this will interest anybody enough to actually purchase a number but I just liked the fact that we are starting to get an option… They even let you request a number but I am not sure what that entails.

Check it out at and let me know what you think!

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  1. If you have AT&T, just go into the store and ask them to search for specific block of numbers you can be done fairly easily and won’t cost you a rediculous $300 for a semi-cool number.

  2. We apologize for not have any numbers listed for Tennessee.

    This is a quote from the site when I clicked on the state of Tennessee. However, they are willing to look for a phone number for you for $25. What a deal!

    I am being sarcastic in case you didn’t notice.

  3. None in Oklahoma either. Bleh :-/

  4. I had similar success with a different company, With all the p.r. and media advancements we’ve seen over the past few years, it’s amazing that something as simple as the right phone number can yield a higher return on a marketing investment.

  5. This site appears legit, but they took my money over 1 month ago and now won’t answer the phone. Also all emails bounce when you try to contact them. Seems like a scam. Stay away

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