MindBerry Open Beta: Mind-Mapping Software For BlackBerry

mindberry It looks like we are about to get the first mind mapping application for BlackBerry. It lets you organize your thoughts and capture your ideas visually on your BlackBerry. It can also export the mind map in FreeMind format you can easily transfer it to your desktop in the future. Right now the application is in open beta so you can try it free by installing the app using the links on this page since sadly it looks like there is no OTA install option.

From the product description:

MindBerry has some interesting features. The most important thing about MindBerry is it make use of the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard shortcuts for quick editing. Navigating between topics is easy done using the Trackball/Trackwheel.

  • Fast, intuitive navigation, MindBerry using the BlackBerry trackball or the numeric keys to navigate from a node to another node.
  • Support Folding/Unfolding with Spacebar key.
  • Use shortcut to access all editing features.
  • Drag and Drop selected nodes
  • Cut’n’Paste selected nodes
  • Scrolling mindmap using Trackball
  • Decorate nodes with icons, colors, fonts, styles.
  • Can edit long multiline nodes
  • Save and Load mindmaps to/from BlackBerry Media Card or Device Memory
  • Export mindmap to several formats, including FreeMind.

Thanks Daniel for sending this one in!

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  1. I’ve seen the executive types into this mindmapping stuff. I always thought it was mumbo jumbo and you can accomplish the same thing with a notes and a decent outline.

  2. Mindmaps are great.

    I love using them because they really help me organize things, but there’s just no way this wouldn’t be too small on a bb screen.

  3. @Ed

    Actually, MM’s are similar to outlines, but you can create more obvious relationships across nodes and sub-points. I’ve been a longtime user of the most excellent Freemind (Sourceforge) & it’s just a much more robust tool than any outline. Nodes can be labels, have notes attached, be links to documents/directories/applications/websites/other mindmaps…it’s much easier to manipulate/reorder nodes…& the list goes on.

    Give it a shot…you might get hooked. I like using it for procedures that are intricate but that I don’t do often enough for them to be memorized. Perfect tool for that.


  4. So far, I like this app. I use MindManager on my desk and laptop, but having this app on my Berry for those times when I don’t want to fire either of those up or don’t have them with me is great. Wonder how much they’ll charge for it once it comes out of beta…

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