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When a BlackBerry Meets a Scottish Terrier Pup…

A friend sent Greg these pictures of what happened when his Scottish Terrier pup got a hold of his BlackBerry. I thought it would be fun to post and see if you can recognize what model device it is from the strewn parts. Shouldn’t be to hard but let me know what gives it away in the comments! Maybe Greg’s friend has been training his dog to attack with the doggy bone BlackBerry toy. 🙂

Parts1 Parts2

All I can say is wow that pup can do quite a bit of damage… I wonder if this is covered under warranty. 🙂

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  1. I would say Pearl due to the battery and the look of where the key pad should be.

  2. I have to agree… looks like a pearl and I think the keypad gives it away.

  3. Pearl definitely…definitely

  4. Pearl duh…keypad and the perportions

  5. I think who posted their comments here missed the point…
    It looks like a bomb went off in Afganistan and claimed the life of a Pearl.
    And they say a dog is a man’s best friend but they didn’t say anything about where a BlackBerry stands…hahaha
    Oh well, so what will it be,Storm or Bold?

  6. Its a Pearl 8100. Look at the speaker, camera lens, Micro SD slot and sim card slot. + yellow baterry and couple more things 🙂

  7. it looks like a pearl. i would give that pup real pearl ass kicking. everytime it saw a blackberry it would run.

  8. Definatley a pearl its got the key pad rubber piece in the first pic which is spaced for the god-awful sure type

  9. That is a Pearl of some sort. The circuit board under the keypad gave it away, as you can tell it is set up for the pearl sure type keyboard. Bad dog, no biscuit!!

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