BerryLabyrinth Beta – Classic Puzzle Game for the Storm

berrylabyrinth BerryBlow let me know about their latest game that is in free beta called BerryLabyrinth. It reminds me of a similar game I played on my friends HTC Touch Pro and loved. It uses the accelerometer to let you move a marble through a labyrinth kind of like the classic wooden game I used to play as a kid. Looks pretty cool! I hope it has the cool vibrate feature when it hits the walls like the HTC Touch Pro version of the game. You can pick up the beta free OTA for your Storm (9500 or 9530) at this link:

From the description:

BerryLabyrinth – classic wooden labyrinth game where you control a steel ball to find a way to finish hole. As you tilt you BlackBerry the ball will weave its way through the maze but watch out for the objects (blocks, holes, teleports). With a lot of levels and variable ball speed to match your skill level you will have hours of entertainment.

  • BETA version now has 10 fully playable levels.
  • Efficient algorithm of physics simulation
  • About 10 levels and more than 10 games in one level
  • A lot of interaction objects – blocks, holes, teleports and others…
  • Sounds support (soon…)
  • Auto-saving of completed levels
  • Accelerometer calibration feature (soon…)

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