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Why Storm & 8900 Camera Autofocus is Such a Big Deal…

I had a chance to take some shots with a Storm & 8900 and I have to say I am duly impressed. It has nothing to do with the higher megapixels on the Storm & 8900 but rather to do with the autofocus. Its just a jaw dropping difference. The pictures on my Bold take at 2 megapixels and they are just grainy and noisy and I would never use it if I did not absolutely have to. On the other hand the Storm gets awesome image quality. Nothing compared to an SLR or even a regular point and shoot but worlds better than what we had before. I am not saying that RIM did not improve other parts of the camera but that seems to be the biggest change.

PS: RIM also has a nice new guide detailing how to take better pictures with your BlackBerry. Nothing crazy but still a few good tips.

Just see the difference between the Bold pictures and the Storm… (Bold on left Storm on right)

IMG00007-20090217-1642 IMG00013-20090217-1642

IMG00004-20090217-1639 IMG00010-20090217-1639

IMG00003-20090217-1638 IMG00009-20090217-1638

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  1. Wow big diff

  2. I want an 8900 so bad!

  3. I want one as a backup to my Bold…

  4. I’ve been quite pleased with the quality of photos from my Storm. Far better than I expected they would be. Very nice video clip quality too.

    Here’s to hoping the Niagra’s is just as good.

  5. Yeah man…the auto-focus is SICK on the new devices. I have yet to see another cellphone camera (or cheap digital camera) that was as good.
    I am almost embarassed now to look at pictures taken with any other BB

  6. The 8900 and Storm cameras are fantastic, but I have issues with them. The autofocus is so slow it just slows the camera down by seconds. With my Bold I need to take instant shots sometimes and with the autofocus on the 8900 and Storm it takes too long, especially on the Storm. Quality wise they are amazing though, but for the convenience, I need a quick shot.

  7. I seriously doubt auto focus alone can have such an effect on quality. These models surely have better LENSES on their cameras. Or else improving the cameras on Pearls and Curves via software would have been done by now.

    • Agreed. The contrast and saturation are so much better. Those can’t be accounted for by auto-focus alone.

      One of the biggest downfalls most mobile device cameras have is lack of protection over the lens. Either they are exposed and get scratched directly (iPhone, I’m talking about you) or they’re recessed and get covered in lint and dust, which are not easily cleaned off like my 8320 and 8220. A lens protector would be a huge improvement.

      I once had a Kyocera Koi (swivel flip with 1.3 MP camera) that had a sliding lens cover. It was a great feature.

  8. The pictures on my Bold do not look like the pictures you took. Maybe your lens is dirty or something. Or maybe they do not use the same quality of parts in one unit as they do in the other. Who knows.

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