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Hurry! 50 Free Unlock Codes: 25 for AT&T, 25 for Rogers

uniquephones The good guys at UniquePhones gave us some BlackBerry unlock codes to share with all of you. 25 AT&T BlackBerry unlock codes and 25 Rogers unlock codes using the coupons below. We will be having 1 or 2 more of these giveaways so keep your eyes peeled on BerryReview! If you miss the giveaway, you can always pay for a unlock code from UniquePhones for reasonable prices. For example, the Bold unlock is only $19.99.

To get the unlock code for your AT&T or Rogers BlackBerry (6 hours average turn around time):

  1. Head over to
  2. Select your BlackBerry
  3. Add the unlock to your cart
  4. Fill out the order information (IMEI & more) and select AT&T or Rogers as your carrier
  5. Use the following discount coupons:
    1. AT&T coupon: BR-ATT-A12
    2. Rogers coupon: BR-RCA-ROY

NOTE: The discount will not work if your device is not AT&T or Rogers locked! It is first come first serve!

So what are you waiting for? Let us know in the comments when the coupon is used up or if you run into any problems.

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  1. Thanks Ronen for posting this!!

  2. Great find. Thanks a lot. Just submitted and recieved a confirmation email stating I should recieve my code within 6 hours. Woohoo! 🙂

  3. Awesome! Thank you Ronen!!

  4. Woah! I just received my unlock code from them! That was super fast! And free!

    Thanks again!

  5. Glad you guys are enjoying it. Don’t thank me just thank uniquephones. They are the ones that made this possible. You would be thanking them just by referring a friend if they ask in the future.

  6. Got my unlock code just now, great work!

  7. Recieve my Unlock code within 3 minutes!!!!!
    it was free and it worked perfect… Thanks.

  8. Holy crap i thought it would be too late to get one but it still works!! The good old bb browswer got through, but my interwebs at work couldn’t compete with the traffic! Woot!!!

  9. I have a BES account at work. What happens if I unlock it?

  10. Wow less then 5 mins I had my code! Sweet!!!

  11. Thanks getting my code in 6 hours!!!

  12. Got one for my ATT Phone! Amazing—-

    It was 255, eastern—figured it was waaaay too late.

    But got it!

    Thanks BerryReview, thanks UniquePhones

  13. many thanks for this!

  14. I just tried using the ATT unlock coupon code and it no longer works. 🙁

  15. HOTTTT

  16. Thanks, got my code in under 5 minutes. My wife tried it and the coupon has already run out.

  17. WOOT! i got 2!

  18. I got mine in like 5 minutes!! i been sittin on this old dusty curve for like 2 months! THX!!!!

  19. Worked!!! Super fast!! Thanks so much for this!!

  20. Got one for att, even used my bb browser! Thanks!

  21. i guess they are out! no luck for me.

  22. Too bad this isn’t available for the Rogers 8900… 🙁

  23. Just ran out for the rogers code.. too bad I missed out..

  24. Anyone who missed out here, should check out CrackBerry…just sayin’ 🙂

  25. guys, do not be fooled by this company. I had ordered to unlock my 8707v last year. they took my money and never gave me the unlock codes. they never replied my emails and reports from BBB. There have been several complaints made to this company. the address and phone numbers they advertise don’t work !!!!

    i won’t be very careful if you were to get any services from them.

  26. Head over to they are giving away free unlock codes for the next 48 hours for t-mobile, at&t and rogers. I got my code in less then a hour.

  27. Head over to crack berry they are giving away free unlock codes for the next 48 hours for t-mobile, at&t and rogers. I got my code in less then a hour.

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