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CallsBlocker – Free App Blocks Unwanted Calls

callsblocker1 Tashanna let me know about a new free application from Fabian called CallsBlocker. It is a very useful app that lets you block unwanted calls based on quite a few settings. You can block numbers from your address book, call logs, or based on certain rules. For example, you can block unknown, private, or withheld numbers or 1-800 numbers or any other prefix. The application is freeware but Fabian is accepting donations at this link.

NOTE: The app says it only supports the Storm but it works just fine on my Bold. Let me know if it works on your device!

From the description:

This is an application that allows the user to block unwanted calls or calls from unknown, private or withheld numbers. Through this you won’t get bugged anymore by advertisement or unwanted calls. Another feature is that you can block a set of numbers that starts with specific digits (e.g. all 190 numbers). You can even choose numbers from any contact in the address book and simply add them to the list of blocked numbers through one click.

If you are in the Call Log and want to add a number from there, you just click Menu -> ‘Add Number to blocked List’ and then the number will be added to the list of blocked numbers. No need for the long copy-paste procedure.
The interface is very easy to handle and manageable even for new Storm Owners.
For a complete ReadMe file, please download the zip of this application.


  • Block numbers starting with specific digits
  • Import numbers from the address book or call log
  • Set the amount of milliseconds when it should get blocked
  • Freeware

via BerryReporter

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  1. Works on 8900!! Thanks!

  2. On my Tmo 8220, if the phone is flipped open, it rings once and then goes to voicemail. If the phone is closed, it auto answers the call.

  3. Works on my curve 8330, no problem! Thanks!

    • HI…it’s not working on my 8830!!! 🙁

      On top of that, the section “Block Numbers starting with” has a red “x” next to it so I think something isn’t right from the get go.

      Are all options still working for you?

  4. Loaded this on my Sprint Curve 8330 with a 4.5 os and it worked on the intial run and then wouldn’t open after that. Uninstalled and re-installed the app and it still wouldn’t open. Worked great when I blocked my desk phone as a test but then found out it was blocking all numbers with a 913 area code. Had to uninstall it to get them to go through again. I think this might only work for 4.6 and 4.7os.

  5. Works on 8130’s

  6. Good app it works pretty good in my bb8820 thanks..

  7. So far so good in my bb 8820

  8. works great for me on my 8830. thanks.. good app.

  9. Doesn’t work for me. I tried installing it installed fine. But then when I click the icon it opened only once later when I tried to click the CallBlocker Icon nothing happens. I have BerryTweak Installed tto. Do you guys think that is interfering with the CallsBlocker. If the developer can reply would be great.

    I own 8900 Curve.


  10. DOESN’t WORK!!!

    Opened once and it wouldn’t after that, no matter how many times I click it

  11. well it worked on blocked, unknown and withheld on my curve 8320 (v4.5) but when i added a number to be blocked no dice didnt work guess only half good so far

  12. For many of us who have our phones on corporate policy locked, this type of program may not work. The policy lock will stop us from changing some of the application permission. Hence the end result is that the program itself is blocked by Blackberry Phone.

  13. Did anyone READ what is says. It only works on phones with 4.7 os not 4.5 read people read!!!!

  14. yea it says 4.7 but why do you think people with 4.5 are trying and using it ? cause it was also posted that it worked with 4.5 and 4.7 so i think we did read !!!!!!!

  15. works like a charm on 8310 4.5. no probs thus far..

  16. doesnt work at all for me sprint 8330 4.5os

  17. same problem as sohood…Opened once and it wouldn’t after that, no matter how many times I click it

  18. Works perfectly on the 8900 with 4.6

  19. it says that works with all models, i tried it on my curve 8330, 4.5 OS. No go, i emailed the designer about will see what he says, will you keep you posted.

  20. Works lovely on my tmo 8900. Just had to set all the app permissions to “allow”

  21. where can i download it from?

  22. Hey, for those who put it on the bold, anyone know where it went? i set it up and closed it but now I can’t find the application. It’s not under downloads or applications… any ideas? thx!

  23. i loaded it on my TMobile 8900 curve & it works fine so far. i tested it by blocking one of my friends & having her call me. She called 3 times & all three times she got sent straight to voicemail.

  24. it worked on my 8900 for about 10minutes then it refused me access into the application screen, ive removed and reinstalled it 4 times, still no luck. it also when it was working give me a missed call of the number trying to call and gave the caller a caller is busy tone.

    we cant complain on free applications, though it would be nice to get this working corredctly on all BBs to somehow give the blocked callers a ‘phone is powered off’ message without getting the missed call alert

  25. Works on 8350i, 8330 and 8130 with telus

  26. Works with :
    8330 Telus with 4.5os
    8350i Mike with 4.6
    8130 Telus with 4.5

  27. Hi all – I came to know from the developer Fabian, there is a known bug that when you add a number from the call log it stalls the application. He is working on a fix.

  28. Nice find! Works on my 8130 4.5. Experimenting with the “Block Calls after (ms)” option. When I get a blocked call it vibes once and the goes to voicemail (vibe mode) and plays rintone (gues 500ms worth) in normal ring mode. Anyone get past this issue yet? Be nice if this could be set to ignore the call a little faster?
    Anyhow – thanks for the great find and all the work that went into development!!!!

  29. Hi just reinstalled the app and all is working, but this is the question i have, when i am getting a blocked call on my curve 8330 it vibrates 1 time and goes in to voice mail, is this normal? or can i make that it doesnt even vibrate just goes straight to VM?

    Thank guys

    LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!

  30. About to install it on my 8310 with OS from AT&T.

    Installed successfully, asked to access my phone, successful.

    No errors, tried opening it after closing and it opened, so far so good.

    Please post which OS your running if it does or does not work so we can see if certain 4.5 OS’s are more compatible than other’s.

  31. Telus 8330 os doesn’t work.

  32. I have it set to 1000 (ms) when i get a call it will ring for less then a sec and send to v-mail. Good enough

  33. It not worked on my vodafone storm OS 4,7,0,113. Why ?

  34. It work well on my 8900 Tmob, but the minimum duration for refuse call is 500ms. That’s really not good. If it like Black & White List is better, the caller will seem that it is network errors. Hope it correct this option and allow us to change the minium duration shorter.

    • you can type in 1000 and it should answer the calls faster. It vibrates or rings for half a second then it goes to voicemail not bad.

  35. When i first installed i couldnt get the app to open, but i had the option to add a # when selecting menu while having a number highlighted, anyways, if you have trouble opening the app, try deleting it via the phone and then loading it through the DM. I first installed via OTA, by e-mail, it wouldnt let me open the app, then i deleted it, let the device reboot, installed the app again through the DM and it works fine, i can open it etc…

  36. Phone: 8310

    Status: Working after reinstall via DM, first install OTA

  37. Folks – It should work for 8900 and other devices now. Fabian has updated the app to fix all the issues people were having before. It works on mine too. The old versions didn’t work, but starting from ver 1.07 Fabian has fixed all the know issues. I have confirmed this with Fabian.

    Thanks Fabian for the wonderful app!

    • Okay I have a Storm 9530 OS and the 1.07 version of callsblocker isn’t working. I have enabled compatibility mode, checked and unchecked the boxes on the menus and nothing. It won’t restrict any calls. I have reset my permissions and set them again to ALLOW, I have uninstalled and reinstalled and yes, I have installed using the DM.

      I am currently downgrading my OS back to 75 to see if this fixes it. If not does anyone have any other suggestions for a blocking program that works with the Storm?

      • Phelogeny – I am not sure why it doesn’t work for you on Storm. There are many applications which are not Storm compatible. I have mine 8900 and it works perfectly on it!

        Try emailing the author and see if he has a fix for you.

  38. I have also Storm 9530 OS and the 1.07 version of callsblocker \
    And it isn’t working at all.

    I have enabled compatibility mode, checked and unchecked the boxes on the menus and nothing. It won’t restrict any calls. I have reset my permissions and set them again to ALLOW, I have uninstalled and reinstalled and yes, I have installed using the DM as well.

    Does anyone know of another application what would block unwanted calls and 800s?

  39. tried updated version and works like a treat

  40. works fine 🙂

  41. It’s work on my Bold, thanks fabian

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