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Terra Mobility File Manager Pro: A Real World Look

Capture8_0_9 While this isn’t going to be a formal review, I still feel that Terra Mobility’s File Manager Pro still deserves a first hand, real world play by play.  Before I begin, I must state that I am personally very happy with what Terra Mobility has done here.  What they have done is something that RIM should have done many many years ago.

File Manager Pro allows its users to access and manipulate the BlackBerry’s (thanks Ronen for the “correct” spelling) file structure.  As many of you already know, accessing individual files within the BlackBerry is not so difficult, but when it comes to moving, copying, deleting, emailing, and compressing multiple files at once, RIM does not make this easy for the end user; in fact, there is no way to do this without third party software such as File Manager Pro.

I have had the opportunity to test both the beta and the final release versions of File Manager Pro.  However, when the software was still in beta, my tests were done on the BlackBerry Bold.  Today’s “real world look” will be based on my findings in the final release version,  The tests were conducted on my BlackBerry Storm 9500.

When you open File Manager Pro, you are taken to the root directory that the end-user has access to.  From here, you can either navigate to the media card, or the device memory.

Capture8_0_14 Capture8_0_22 Capture8_2_59

As you can see, the way they layout the file structure is very simple yet gives you access to everything that you need.  Once you are within your final “destination”, you have the ability to select both single and multiple files.  The great feature about this, especially on the BlackBerry Storm, is the ability to mark the files you want instead of having to select everything or having to select files in the order that they appear.  To better explain, if you look in the image above with the individual files, one may want to manipulate image 37, 10, 9, and 22, therefore skipping over other files.  By either selecting with your pearl or by double tapping the file (on the Storm), one can choose which files they want to manipulate.

Capture8_3_19 Capture8_4_52 Capture8_5_22 Capture8_5_31

Once you have selected the desired files that you want to manipulate, you are given many options in which you can apply towards the files.  One can choose to delete all the selected files, copy them, move them, or even email them.  When you select the email option, it will simply take you to your email program where you will see all the files already attached into the email allowing you to type your message!  The other feature that File Manager Pro has is its ability to create and extract ZIP files.  In addition to the compression that ZIPing a file allows, ZIP files are also easier to deal with as you now only have to deal with a single file instead of several.  File Manager Pro allows users to create, send, and receive ZIP files just as they would any other file.  As well, File Manager Pro allows the user to select the level of compression that they desire when creating a ZIP file.  I know personally, when I am writing these reviews, dealing with multiple images at a time can be a pain.  One other feature that File Manager Pro has that makes writing these reviews easier for me is its “favorites” feature.  File Manager Pro has the ability to save your favorites folder so that you don’t have to re-navigate through all the folders every time you reload the program.  This features allows me to skip right to my memory card pictures folder!  Thankfully, File Manager Pro makes this job much easier now and I am very happy with what they have to offer so far!

Capture8_7_0 Capture8_7_24 Capture8_9_8 Capture8_3_38 Capture8_3_52 Capture8_4_7

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  1. I love this program file management… it works perfectly without any bugs. I can move, edit and do all thats mentioned. Great Problem and I like it better than BBScout.

  2. Actually, the correct spelling/grammar would be “…the BlackBerry smartphone’s file structure.”

  3. Agreed. The UI is sweet, and it +1’s BBFilescout because of the ability to email files. Which is the # 1 reason I bought it. I store 300-400mb worth of small work files on my SD card, and it can be slow searching through everything to attach files to emails. This is much much faster

    • The latest version of BBFileScout (i.e., 0.4.12) allows one to e-mail files, too. These two apps are neck-in-neck competition with each other — each has its pluses and minuses.

  4. The one shortcoming if you encrypt your media is that the program won’t unencrypt them when attached as an archive to an email (unlike what the BB would do if you attached the single files natively). So the recipient gets a .zip full of .rem encrypted files. Maybe this has changed since the beta, or maybe I’m missing something. Would be a great future feature though!

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