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Premium Inspirat & Leopard Themes from Elecite

In the wake of several Windows and Mac OS based themes we’ve seen coming out, the guys at Elecite have decided to do their take with Inspirat and Leopard.

Inspirat, based on Windows OS, is all about pop up menus (like the ‘start up’ menu that slides up on the main screen when you scroll over the bottom left icon) and translucent like icons. This is a very clean and crisp design. The 5 home screen icons are customizable and in the start-up menu you have access to the application screen, profiles, connections, media and control panel (ie, options). If you select ‘shut down’ you can either lock your Berry or shut it off. All in all, this is a very functional theme. Available for 81xx, 83xx, 88xx, 89xx, 9xxx & 95xx devices, Inspirat costs $6.99 at Elecite.Com.


Leopard theme, based on Mac OS, follows suit with simplistic style and smooth graphics. The hidden bottom “platform” dock (which slides up as you scroll down) has 6 user customizable icons and the whole theme looks very much like a mini-Mac on your Berry. All your signal/battery indicators and date/time, etc are neatly placed in the thin bar at the top of the home screen. A clean theme for Mac lovers, Leopard is also available for 81xx, 83xx, 88xx, 89xx, 9xxx & 95xx devices and costs $6.99 at Elecite.Com.


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  1. Thanks for the theme. There should be discounts on themes. $6.99 is pricey considering bad economy and if one doesn’t like the theme after install the money goes down the wazooo. Just a thought.


  2. Yea, I’d think about buying a theme, but $7 for a theme?

    That’s not all that original any longer?

    No thanks.

  3. I am so angry and fare disappointed by the Windows 7 Insiprat theme. It looks as if a half finished beta trash on my Curve 8310. The home screen doesn’t look the same as it showed on elecite’s website. Ironicly, the real theme and the concept art they are simply 2 total different stories in many ways if you say so. It even looks worse than those free themes, just a newbie theme designer’s newbie stuff.

    1. At home screen, the glassy transparent bottom dock, the windows startup icon (acts as “Option” function’s shortcut) disappeared;

    2. The signal meter, the media icon are totally different from the showcasing picture on;

    3. The lock screen’s dark colored transparent layer has just been added at wrong place which is evidently meant to fulfill the rest of the lock screen background under the title banner, how ever, it just doesn’t do that…

    I just don’t buy it: why elecite release such a poor quality “beta” theme to 83xx and 88xx users with the same high price as Bold series themes but gives less positive GUI experience to us compared to what elecite offers to those 8900, 9000 as well as Storm owners? And why should I purchase this so called “Windows 7 inspired” product yet feel no vibes of 7 at all? Oh well, the ridiculous price 6.99$ + 1.4$ VAT just take it back, maybe that’s what “7 inspired” really means?

  4. Missing Application Icon on the Homescreen on the BB 8310 curve. No good. I asked for a refund and I’m still waiting. I deleted it cause it doesn’t show as it should for my curve.

  5. Hi, I have to be honest…I tested both these versions for the Bold and they both worked fine for me. For those having issues with the Curve, it seems the theme works with OS 4.5 only (which it states in the Elecite link provided in the post) so not sure if that is the cause. If not, and you have emailed Elecite, I am sure they will get back to you. I have also sent an email to them, which may also help bring things to their attention.

  6. My 8310 Curve is on the 4.5 OS.

  7. Hi Guys!
    Look, we at Elecite test our themes many many times on every single supported device. We use physical devices and no simulator crap. We try to spot every little bug before we release a theme to the public as quality is very important to us no doubt about that. But there are times (rarely) when we miss something.
    Now when that happens, there is no need to get disappointed. Please do not hesitate to email us and if we can, we’ll make sure to fix whatever the problem and we’ll do it quick!
    The 8300, 8800 & 8100 do look a bit different from the rest. They do not include the pop up menus only because that would extremely slow down the device running OS 4.5. However, on every single device, there is still an application button.
    The meters are exactly the same on all BB models as shown in the screenshots/videos.
    We try our best to explain which models have GUI’s and which don’t through screenshots, wording and videos. If there is something you are not sure about, you are always welcome to email us before making a purchase and we’ll be there to answer your questions.
    Again, the theme should function very nice and smooth as advertised on all devices no doubt.
    Now if you feel like there’s an obvious problem/issue with the theme, again, please contact Elecite Team and they will make sure you are well taken care of quick 🙂

    Thanks all for the feedback 😉

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