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9530 Storm OS Found Online!

Sorry for the delay on this one but I am recovering from my slight inebriation during the Purim (Jewish Holiday) festivities. Earlier today the Fantom sent in two links to OS for the 9530 Storm.

Download mirrors:
Download @ Megaupload
Download @ Mediafire

Thanks to Raja, Brett, & George for also sending this in while I was out!

Let us know what you find in the new OS versions in the comments below. Keep the tips coming!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Shocked! 9530 got it first over 9500 heh , DLing now, will post after quick testing

  2. Well, just finished doing a little run through, i installed it without Removing the Vender file (i never do, have have for all my Blackberrys) first thing right off the bat, i noticed that my thumbnail pictures in the media loaded a bit faster, Icons in the menu scroll up and down smoother.

    I seen a rumor of a Copy n Paste text feature, i havent really looked, nor have i found it yet.

    All in all with no surprise it in general seems a bit faster all around, an generally with a higher OS its to be expected.
    i havent done any hard Testing, but so far i see improvments for what i have done

  3. Removed the vendor file and uninstalled the Visual VM, VCast, VZ Navigator.

    Notice my accelerator is slower now I notice I lost my number pad while in a call goes straight to full keyboard WTF. Haven’t look for the copy and paste feature yet.

    Review 3 out of 5

    Debating on going back to .109

  4. Word from forums the workaround on dialpad during calls issue is to switch to Multitap under Screen/Keyboard

  5. ok…first off, the new copy and paste feature is definately here…and it works great..but, the accelerator is waaaay slower…like iits as slow as the first os that came with the sometimes doesnt even respond ..its terrible!!! i’m switching back to 109

  6. This OS build is overall poor compared to the .109..Just downgraded back to .109..will wait for next one. Color banding issue still prevalent, and still get sharp memory leak..from 39 to 24 in 1 hour..Recommend all to wait for next leak..

  7. It’s sad to hear they finally got a “copy/paste” feature that works well but if the sacrifice is the accelerator and the dialpad, I’ll hold out for the next leak as well.

  8. Here is the version for 9500

  9. Now that i have had quite some time to play with the OS, yes the Number Pad during a Call is quite an annoying issue, but workable. i would have to personally disagree with the accelerometer being slower, on my phone it seems to be just as fast as .109 Copy/paste feature is a God send for this phone. Aside from the Number pad issue, i dont have any complaints

  10. I’ve found the .114 to be MUCH slower than .109. I just rolled back. Although I LOVED the new Copy/Paste, the accelerometer speed and general responsiveness of the OS was too sluggish.

  11. How do you upgrade the OS. I am running

  12. @Quavis:
    Seriously…google it. Too much to explain in a blog comment.

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